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Needs milk and a bidet!
Good day everyone! Welcome to the Badger & Blade Meritorious Shave Award Ceremony. We thank you all for being here with us on this fine day.

Today, this award, also known as the “Timmy”, is being presented to a superb long-time member for his contributions and participation at Badger & Blade.

This recipient has consistently demonstrated gentlemanly behavior, exceptional wit, and unrivaled devotion to Badger & Blade. From organizing Badger & Blade’s 2022 Limited Edition Pipe to devoting countless hours managing the Annual “Saint” Sue Moore Charity Auction this member stands above the rest as the epitome of what it means to serve and be a member of Badger & Blade. He has helped write Badger & Blade guidelines, provided feedback and support for new software upgrades, and thought up new ideas for improvements to Badger & Blade all of which help to make Badger & Blade a better version of itself for everyone here to enjoy.

As a personal friend to many of us here we have enjoyed his company both on and off of Badger & Blade. We have been a witness to and experienced his generosity first hand. Members across the globe have received PIFs from him and everyone on Badger & Blade has learned something from the knowledge he selflessly shares with us everyday day. Sometimes we wonder if it’s his supper he loves or his superintendent, or maybe his super powers? You gotta have superpowers to spend the time he does here at Badger & Blade helping make it an oasis for all on the internet. There is simply no denying how deserving he is of this award.

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Therefore, it is on this 19 Day of March, 2023 that we are proud to announce the induction of Luvmysuper into the Meritorious Award Winners Gallery in recognition of his dedication and inspirational leadership during his years of service as a Moderator and member at Badger & Blade.
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