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My elbows leak
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Thank you very much for the very kind words, I am simultaneously pleased and embarrassed to read them.
This forum is without a doubt a Team effort, and that team includes everyone from the most senior member to the guy that joined this morning.
The true heart of this forum is the members who post here regularly and with the comportment that you just can't find on any other site on the internet.
Congratulations sir! Even as a new member it's clear to see what a big part of the community you are. This is well earned!

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My elbows leak
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In regards to name:
Though I jokingly tell folks that it's because I married my building superintendent, the real reason is that I joined the forum about the time I picked my Gillette Super Speed back up and started using it again.
20/20 hindsight being what it is, I could have picked some cool user name to open my account with, but under the pressure of a blank form in front of me, I used what first came to mind.
I have not changed it lo these many years as a personal reminder of my philosophy that we live with our choices, good or bad, and make the best of it!
To say that I am surprised, humbled, and shocked is an extreme understatement.
I keep expecting a message to show up in my inbox saying there has been some kind of mistake.

I am surprised that I have been selected for this prestigious award when I know in my heart that I can do more.
I am humbled to be in the presence of the members who have preceded me, and to whom I could never even hope to equal.
I am shocked that anyone would consider my contributions in the league of the amazing gentlemen who have previously received this award.
I am truly blessed and honored to be welcomed into their group.

Those who have been previously selected into this small group represent the best that Badger and Blade has to offer. Each of the members who have been previously inducted have and in most cases still make such an impact here that picturing myself in their presence is almost farcical.

I love Badger and Blade, and I love the members here. I have such a deep affinity for the membership, who are by far and away the best group of folks one could ever hope to call friends.
When one has the luxury of being amongst such great people, it is easy to look good.
Being counted among the greats who have received this award makes me look at what I have done with a more critical eye.

I am deeply thankful for the award, and I am deeply thankful for the kind words here.
I promise that I will do my best to exemplify the characteristics of each of you who are members here and who, day in and day out, project the gentlemanly comportment that we have come to expect here.
You folks, the membership here, make it easy to want to be your best.

I promise that I will do my utmost to live up to the incredibly high standard that has been set by each and every one of those who have been selected for this award before me, though I know that I could never hope to achieve such a pinnacle of dedication and giving.

Thank you.
Truly - Thank You.
Nice speech, Phil!
Congratulations! :clap:
P.S. And to think I always thought your nickname came from "I love my Super Adjustable"... :facep:

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You're one of the finest Gents I know...a well deserved award (its about time [wink]), Congrats are in Order!!

B & B Logo.jpg"My biggest achievement more than any award is contributing in a winning cause [B & B] for my team". Ravindra Jadeja
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