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Is polka really dead?

I am really glad to have found you guys.

I was recently on an Alaskan cruise, and I finally met Mollie B! I had been watching her live Tuesday night Polka YouTube show, during the lockdown, and fell in love with her music.
I saw on her schedule that she was going to be on an Alaskan cruise, since I am in Vancouver, I jumped on the opportunity, as it might be my only chance to see her. I was overwhelmed by her and her band, Squeezebox. I even had a dance with her! Then on Sunday she lead a Polka Mass in Alaska, and I realized that she is an angel from Heaven.
I had a chat with her after the service, I didn't tell her about the angel part, but, that I could see that the light of Jesus was shining from inside her. She thanked me for sharing. It was a beautiful moment between us.
I want to see her again, but she plays in these obscure little towns that are hard to get to from Vancouver. Grrr! I might have to go on the Caribbean cruise in January 😂


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