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Introducing.... The Badger & Blade Decant Club!!

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Got an idea - and I am gonna run with it.... Introducing - the Badger and Blade Decant Club. Now I dunno if this is the first place to have it or not - but I haven't heard of it anywhere else - but here is the skinny...

A member of good standing (has at least 50 posts and has been around a month) proposes a scent he desires and the breakdown of decant sizes he wishes to split. At this point members who are interested in that particular decant weigh in and post their request to become a member of that particular group buy. Once the appropriate # of spaces has been filled - one members of the group buy purchases the fragarance and atomizers (if no one volunteers, the originator of the group buy does so), divies the scent up, carefully wraps the atomizers and sends the scents out to to group.

The price is set in the following manner...

The individual who ponies up and buys the bottle obviously will get a slight discount for putting up the $, breaking the top off of the bottle, decanting it, and shipping it out. I propose the originator gets 15% off of the total net cost. Nothing amazing, but enough to inspire someone to put up their $ and do the legwork behind the buy.

Bottom line - someone wants a scent lets say that is 3 oz, they post they'd like to divie it up into 6 decants - 5 others sign up, someone buys the bottle, divies up the bottle, charges each individual their equal portion of the buy (the total plus their share of the 15% discount to the buyer as well as shipping to them)

Why do this? Well - cologne last a TERRIBLY long time, and all of us being collectors like to amass a ton of it. Well - why get a lifetime supply, when you can get it at cost - but a smaller portion? Well - most ebayer and decanters are trying to make money and upcharge the hell out of it - so why not band together and have some smelly fun?

Ok - so I'll kick it off first.... how about a bottle of Penhaligons Castile (100ml) broken into 2 OR 3 decants - but preferrably 2. Price is $80 for the bottle + shipping.
Interesting idea, Joel. Is it obvious how to break into the bottles without destroying the contents? That Castile, for instance, is in a spray top....
Scotto said:
Interesting idea, Joel. Is it obvious how to break into the bottles without destroying the contents? That Castile, for instance, is in a spray top....

You can wrench the top off with a pair of large pliers.... they aren't on as tight as you'd think. Now don't get me wrong - it is a 2-3 minute operation, but it is VERY easy to do it without losing so much as one drop - provided you take your time (which is only 2-3 minutes) and do th ejob right.
If this kicks off and works well - I am thinking a dedicated page to decants, and a central source of cheap, small .5oz decant atomizers/rollers/tubes (or whatever) should be sourced and purchased (maybe with some of the DVD proceeds?) thereby minimizing the pain and inconvienience.

Think of it this way.... if you can get a .5oz decant of a $80 3.4oz bottle of cologne for $14-16 (shipped) you have quite a respectable amount of cologne and can buy roughly 6 different scents for about the price of the one bottle. Sounds a hell of a lot more fun to me!
possibly both. what is the castile scent like?

I like the idea of buying lots of cologne in small quantities so I can have lots of different types.
This is a nice idea, Joel. Hopefully it will take off. :thumbup1:

The other thought I had was that between all of us, we already have a wicked amount of scents. It might be nice to get a big load of empty sample vials so folks could share samples of scents with each other. Sometimes I try and recycle old containers that I got from Trumpers, etc., but the plastic stoppers always reek no matter how much you clean them.
I was thinking the same thing, Scotto!

Hell, I could probably produce 30 decants just to clear my "main" shelf off!:blushing:

That would let everyone try more while at the same time allowing us to all BUY MORE STUFF!! :thumbup:

Scott - I got dibbs on some of your lavender scents! :biggrin:
Not to hijack Joel's thread anymore, but it actually wouldn't be a bad idea to make a swap box out of stuff we filled ourselves, rather than relying on the more limited variety of samples you can get from the vendors...


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I think that Joel has come up with an excellent idea that can serve beginner and expert alike. Those with extensive collections can aquire their hard to get dream blends in realistic sizes while taking advantage of cooperative purchasing power. Those just starting down the wayward path (myself included) can benefit from the combined expertise of our forum luminaries.
My hope would be to see a good mix of "common" products (those that would interest beginners, or may have been overlooked, for whatever reason, by the more seasoned veteran) with the more esoteric offerings to which we all aspire.

Good luck with this- it looks like a win/win situation for all.
I like both ideas expressed in the thread so far -- divide up a new bottle & pass around some stuff you've got excess of.

I know that I have some excess of a couple of scents that I bought out of curiosity. I put them in atomizers, and use very little that way.
i really need to increase my cologne stash, i only have one type. i would love to buy little bottles of any colognes you have/have extra of/don't want.

PM me if you have something. I like pleasures for men, 1805 type colognes. I'd like some lavender and patchouli type colognes as well.
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