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Interesting Scuttles, Mugs, Bowls or Other Things Used For Soaps and Lathering

I think we should have a thread for all the different/interesting items we use for soaps, lathering etc. They can be vintage, modern, re-purposed or your favourite mug, cereal bowl...whatever you like to whip up your soaps with.
The first pic has my gravy/cream boats that I use for my hard soaps. They have a built-in "brush rest" and work really well. I heat the soaps up and press them into the boats so they don't slide around. Depending on the soap, I do the 20 second microwave blasts or use hot water etc. Also picked up the bowl at Winners for $5. It has a raised design which is great for bowl lathering.
The last two are a shaving mug from Empire Silver Co. which was established back in 1946. It was pretty grotty so I used a metal polish and cleaned it up. It's hard to see but the "quadruple" silver plating is worn off on a significant portion of the mug plus the dints that have accumulated over its lifetime. It works best for smaller brushes as the rest is small as well. My 26 mm synthetics don't fit well at all. So it's mainly for looks and history. Lets see what everyone else has and uses.

I have three types:

And a smaller chrome one that came with my brush stand.

I have thought long and hard about getting a different bowl, but I actually found these to be working really well. But..:

Absolutely love your gravy bowl idea!!
And call me BOSC but I have been doing some research into dog bowls as well. I seen some really nice ones out of stainless steel, even with a rubber ring underneath to prevent sliding.

I used one of those for years back when I was exclusively bowl lathering. They are fantastic! The ring is great for grip and also preventing slide like you mention.

As I've started coming back to bowl lathering a bit more in recent days, my choice has been a more sentimental one. Here is the smallest of a set of four hand-made bowls that were gifted to us by the inlaws for Xmas couple years ago:

Not really. I put it there while taking a shower so that a puck warms up and softens a little bit. After that I load a brush holding the puck in a hand, put the puck in its container to dry, face lather and put the brush on top to stay warm while shaving. Found that it works the best for me
Thats an interesting scuttle you have in your picture, I might try this if I decide to try not using cold water and try warm lather. I got a Mitchell's Wool Fat puck, new, but I want to try it first so that makes for an interesting setup.
Just got my Junichi Tanaka lathering bowl. I first saw these on the Fendrihan website and really liked the design and colours. However they were sold out and there wasn't any real time as to when they would have them back. So I found one on Etsy and pulled the trigger. A good size without any internal ridges etc to assist in the lathering process...so I'll see how that goes. May add something a bit later, but as for right now...I'm looking forward to using this bowl.
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