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Interesting Scuttles, Mugs, Bowls or Other Things Used For Soaps and Lathering


My Grandfather’s mug, now over 100 years old.

The Mugseco mug and matching High Mountain brush I was given fot my 65th birthday.


The Dirty Bird brush scuttle and matching soap dispenser I had made several years ago. Sadly, there will be no more Dirty Bird pieces. RIP Julie.

Not pictured is my Captain’s Choice heavy copper bowl.


Likes a fat handle in his hand
We have pottery Club where I live, would like to get Custom Oversized Coffee Mug, with swirl otters on bottom for shave mug.

Got you covered!


This is my Captains Choice oversized mug. OK, it isn't technically for shaving, but its big, its oh my gosh 16-ounces, and its got swirls inside! Plus, have a look at that snakeskin pattern, you like?

This is a great thread, I love the variety.

I started with a cheap soup mug which was okay but a bit deep as I kept hitting my brush handle on the sides when lathering and between lathers my brush would fall to the bottom. Despite the sides being high I would also manage to get the lather up and over. I recently found a cheap pottery ramekin in an antique store that is lower but just as wide as the mug and has a convenient handle and brush support on the side. The rim of the ramekin also turns in and this keeps the lather in and turning back into the pot as I whisk. I love it.

As a person who face lathers, I do have some bowls, and a scuttle.
Scuttle has been used once, tbh.
Bowls I use every day, I put shavig crem in bowl and add some water, then I smear brush in it for 2-3 seconds and then I face lather. I prefer that way and it works the best for me.

Shalow coconut bowl


Cheap ceramic bowl (1.5€)



?? Other Things ??

A German contraption [known by DRGM mark], that is electrically heated [known, I had it apart], filed under 'incomplete' 'what is missing' [cord, soap holder][the square hole though?]


Then come the 'why was/how was it used'.


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Not only is that interesting...but a mystery as well. Maybe one of the other members has some info
Some info, any info would be greatly appreciated, while it does not bug me that I don't know it would be nice to know, or have a lead, as in a lead into info, not a cord/lead.

It looks like a normal toaster element inside, with two parts for the two voltages, it also has that asbestos stuff for insulation, it got sealed up and entombed very quickly. opened once only !


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
Here’s a few I have. I’m a face latherer, but I don’t like to really use the OS or Burma- Shave mugs to hold soap since they don’t have lids. I like using the plastic Proraso mug with Proraso cream and my Omega ‘baby pro’ boar brush when I’m hankering for a classic, traditional Italian shave, but I only use the mug to load the brush with cream instead of building lather in it.

When it’s cold, dead of winter, I use the ‘old world’ white, double walled gravy bowl with the cork in it as more of a brush and lather warmer. Love that thing. Perfect size for a warm lathered brush holder between passes.


My favorite is this old skool antique Union Railroad scuttle. Rarely used, but too cool and old skool to give up.


Also have an antique Occupation Mug the kids got me for a birthday or Father’s Day years ago.

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