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In the market for my first slant! Any recommendations?

@BelfastBlade what blade(s) are you planning to use. I ask because for my first slant shave I tried to play it safe by using what is considered to be a mediocre blade for sharpness and I did not have a great experience. I then tried two blades(Gillette Nacet and SharpEdge), which are generally accepted to be in the "sharp" category that gave me a significantly improved experience. So my point is, as with all razors blade choice is important.

Happy slanted shaves with your new German 37!

Thanks for the info! 🙂

I typically only use three kinds of blade. Personna Platinum, Feather Hi-Stainless or Astra Superior Platinum. I have lots of all three of them. I used to pretty much use Feather exclusively. But in recent times I've been using Personna as they don't come covered in gooey glue spots! 🤭

I'll occasionally mess around with some other blade.. but yeah, those three are my most used blades. I'm not sure how those three rank on the sharpness scale as I don't use a huge range of blades to compare them to.. but I'd imagine they'd all be at least average sharpness? I've saw some people say Feathers are considered a quite sharp blade.

I'll probably try a Personna in it. It arrived a few days ago but I haven't actually gotten around to using it yet! I've only been shaving once every second day for the past few weeks and I've just been reaching for my Ambassador. It really cured the RAD.. I think that may be why I got interested in a slant! As with the Ambassador I've found what I feel like is an ideal razor for me.. so I haven't really desired any other "normal razors" since I got it but I still wanted to try something new.. hence I started thinking about slants!

Newver used a slant, but REX just sent out E-mail Blast about New Slant that you can preorder. Posted info already.

Thank you very much! I saw that one on their website. The Sentry I believe it's called. Still doesn't seem to be out.. I wonder when the orders will start shipping. I think it's $179 so would have been a bit more than I'd have wanted to spend anyways, at least until I try a slant out. It definitely could be a consideration down the line if I really like the German 37. 👍
Well I used the slant today for the first time!

I was pleasantly surprised! It seems like a really good little razor. I got a really close shave from it and no irritation or anything. It really seems to be good at just slicing the stubble right off. Nice and close. I was definitely impressed. Better than I'd have expected and furthermore it seems very safe to use, I know there isn't much risk of getting cut with it.

I was getting on so well with it I thought I'd try some ATG on my neck for a very close shave.. ATG which is something I typically avoid there. I don't like risking resistance/tugging, irritation, ingrown hairs etc. The beard on my neck grows very flat.. it's a strange growth pattern too. It grows up from the bottom and down from the face and the two directions meet somewhere around the adam's apple and there's a bit of a swirl going on there also!

But yeah, I shaved ATG with the slant.. lather wasn't quite as good as it normally for whatever reason, it was a little bubbly/airy, was so I got a little resistance.. and a few little red specks when I patted my neck dry. But nothing major. I was super impressed with the overall great shave I got though. Better than usual. I often struggle to get the neck as close as I'd like with WTG and XTG passes.. I really think if I want to have it super smooth it just has to be done ATG at the end. As I say I'm always fearful of ingrown hairs but I guess I'll just keep an eye on it and see how it responds. I think people with curly hair are more prone to them.. my hair is for the most part quite straight and not overly coarse so hopefully I'll avoid them.

It has gotten me curious about ATG with my other milder razors.. like R89, ASD2 etc. I've been casting the AS-D2 aside because it wasn't giving me a very close shave on the neck with the regular WTG, XTG passes I would do.. but maybe I just need to try it ATG on the neck. It being a mild razor it maybe be just right for that.

But as for the Razorock German '37. It gets a thumbs up from me! A marvellous little razor.. for the price of a tub of soap! Slant razor could definitely be something I'd see myself as more interested in in future. I'd heard they were most popular in Germany back in old days.. probably the thirties or forties. I never really see any vintage slants for sale.. I wonder if they're uncommon or if there's much demand for them. I'll be keeping a look out in future.
I started my slant adventure with the Merkur’s 37C. Great shaver. The 37c made me such a believer in slants that I decided it was worth the cas$h to go a notch up and purchase a Rex Konsul. If you enjoy slants and enjoy adjustables, it's the best of both worlds.

Be sure to continue with your research as there are a lot of other options that work. For me I really have enjoyed the Rex products that I've purchased and always felt I got more than what I paid for. Then again, I know that's probably just me.
You might want to do some grain mapping of your beard. Image attached for your convenience.


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