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In the market for my first slant! Any recommendations?

Hello folks,

I've been somewhat intrigued by the idea of adding a slant to my razor collection. I've never owned one before and I'd really like to give one a go just to see what I think of them.

I'm basically just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a first time slant.. I'm looking something that wont break the bank, low to mid price range, but at the same time is good quality. Just something that will give me a good feel for slant razors.

My first thought was probably Merkur 37c or 39c.. but I was trying to figure out which one would be best out of those two and then I see a bunch much affordable slants online. A lot of people seem to think the Razorock German (seems to be very similar to the 37c) is a good bet or one of the various Parker slants (or semi-slants I think they're called). I believe Fatip also produce reasonably priced slants too.

I had briefly looked for restored vintage ones but there doesn't seem to be too much of that kind of thing on the market really.

Any ideas what would be the best one to order or would it be much of a muchness in the low-mid price range? Maybe there are some others I've missed which might be worth looking at?

Many thanks,
All of the ones you mentioned are good choices. Personally, I have the Fatip closed comb slant (FCCS) and a couple of the Phoenix Monster Slant fakelite series which are open comb and historical reproductions of the German Fasans. Both are great shavers and $30 or under. The Fatip being metal has a nice weight to it and the Monster slants being ABS are feather light and require me to apply a little lateral pressure.

Here is picture of the Phoenix El Fantasma. No other razor I knows glows like this which makes it fun to use!

I'd say the Razorock 'German 37' with the UFO handle for best balance. The bulldog handle is all right, though, and you can order it off Amazon for around $27 with free shipping if you have Prime. It's $25 plus shipping from Italian Barber in Canada, with your choice of four different handles.

This is a three-piece razor, so you can swap handles if you have another one you like more.


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We just finished up Slantember a few days ago. You might read that thread and see what people were using.

I have the Merkur 37C and the PAA Filament. I think the 37C is a bit milder and slightly less efficient but it sure provides a smooth shave.

The PAA Filament is one fine razor for me. It's a featherweight for sure but shaves way above its class. I checked earlier today and they were back in stock.... They seem to come and go from their site.
Of the slants that I own (or have owned) in the low to medium price range, I like the Fatip closed and open comb slants the best - they shave closely and feel very smooth. A Merkur style head (whether from Merkur or the head without a handle from Razorock) would be my second vote. Having said that, I have a Yaqi slope arriving within the next week, so I'm expecting that to be a nice slant as well (I have an ATT S1, but the slope has what looks like much better blade clamping for rigidity . . . and I didn't need more of an excuse!). I haven't tried Parker'sSemi-Slant that I recall.

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For me the FOCS is a nice razor all brass with a wide shaving angle, and not fussy on what blade I put in it. I also like the german a nice smooth shaver but a bit less efficient than the FOCS, once again I find it to be ok with the blades I use. The Yaqi top aggressive slant is another good razor, I found that for me it shaves better with a steep angle. It took me a couple of shaves to dial it in but once I did this razor delivered in spades. The semi slants handle was to long for my liking but once I changed it to a shorter handle it was much better. With the semi slant I found the only blade I can't use in it is Permasharps, Nacets, GSBs and Gillette Platinums are fine though.


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ChatGPT recommends the Merkur 37c. But then, it also recommended the "Rockwell 6S or 6C with the #R3 plate" as slant razor.

Merkur 37 or 39c (the same, just longer), its Razorock clone or the Fatip all should do it.

Yet they won't come close to the more expensive Superslants by Razorock. I am serious. Those really show what the slant idea is all about.

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Although it didn't happen this year, there are several years of a slant review series called "The Tilted Picnic" around here somewhere. Might be of some help; both vintage and modern slants are reviewed. Also as @Phoenixkh suggests, look over the last few years of the SLANTember threads and see what's getting some "face time."

Specifically to your comment about the Merkur 37 vs. the RazoRock German 37: I have and use both occasionally. They're very similar except for one thing. The Merkur is a two-piece so you'd better like the handle that's on it (or get the 39 and you'd better like that handle :) ). The RazoRock is a three-piece so you can supply or change your favourite handle whenever you want. Given the price points I suggest the "G37" instead of the Merkur.

Most of the lower-priced slants (G37, Merkur 37 or 39, Parker Semi-Slant for instance) are Zamak razors. The RazoRock Wunderbar and Superslant are all-stainless and priced accordingly. At the moment my two favourite slants are the Superslant L2OC and the Rex Konsul adjustable slant. Both give me stellar shaves even when I'm not trying.
Hello folks!

Thanks so much for all the advice. It's been very greatly appreciated and has been a lot of help to me. I will respond to all the messages properly as soon as I get a chance to. 🙂

Just to let you all know, I went with the general consensus and ordered one of the Razorock German 37 slant razors! It has next day post so I'll probably have it on Saturday.

I was going to get the Merkur but then I figured I'll just try the Razorock one as it's half the price and it also is a three piece razor which I like.. with razors like this I tend to prefer the three piece.

It'll be interesting to try out! I also ordered a few new synthetic brushes that I'd been keen on too. I will be sure to let you all know what I think of the slant! 😎
@BelfastBlade what blade(s) are you planning to use. I ask because for my first slant shave I tried to play it safe by using what is considered to be a mediocre blade for sharpness and I did not have a great experience. I then tried two blades(Gillette Nacet and SharpEdge), which are generally accepted to be in the "sharp" category that gave me a significantly improved experience. So my point is, as with all razors blade choice is important.

Happy slanted shaves with your new German 37!
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