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I Rolled The Dice

I have been wet shaving (DE) for a little over 6 months now its been great. But this is a story about the SWMBO who when I found my first razor a 50s Flare Tip SS was totally against the idea. She had that whole you’re going to slice your face off notion. That was one argument she lost thankfully. Now she likes the closeness of my shaves & that I can get 100 blades for 12 bucks. She’s been using the Schick Intuition forever and wouldn’t even consider trying a DE until (this is where I rolled the dice) I got a Gillette Knack off the bay in excellent condition. This was to be her birthday gift (big time roll of the dice) She didn’t baulked as much as I expected her to was actually quite receptive to the idea. The day of her first shave I gave her a few pointers told her she’d do fine. She emerged from the bathroom with her Schick Intuition & a new box of carts in hand & drops them on the table & says her sister can have this “I got a new razor”

“I love it when a plan comes together”
I am enjoying seeing all of these legitimately enthusiastic new user threads here and in the straight forum lately.
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