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How much soap do you have?

5 soaps
5 samples

Wanna keep it that way, only renewing or changing when one is finished.
Got rid of all the others I had, it felt like I was newer really dialing into each soap and never
really gave samples a real chance when I had too much.
Wife intervened at 50+ soaps.
SAD in remission.
Now at 12 soaps, soon to be 11.
CRSW Oliva unscented
CRSW Oliva Siberian Fir
CRSW Select
2 Speick cream
3 Savon de bon Berger
Barrister & Mann Seville
Jabonman Mediterraneo
Boellis Panama
Wholly Kaw Siero unscented
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4x soaps
8x creams two were free with orders

I use all mine because I love them, none of these were brought to try out.

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I have three: Proraso (Blue) cream, Proraso Single Blade (cream) and Stirling Sheep. They all get used on a regular basis though not in any particular order; I just grab whichever one appeals to me at the moment.


Just over 40... Need to stop, but recently the acquisition rate is sadly accelerating as I try new International artisanal brands.
Here’s my list:
PdP no. 63
L’occitane Cade
Proraso red
Proraso white
Captains Choice Nor’easter
Vintage Williams
Stirling Coconut Lime
Leather & Wood Barbershop

The Captain’s Choice is probably the next one that will be finished—which is a dilemma. I’d like to get down to 5 soaps, but Nor’easter is a favorite that I’ll want to buy again. As we move to spring, I’ll probably start rotating Stirling and Proraso white in through summer.
I have started wet shaving last November, of course I fell into the rabbit hole and now have 10 soaps:

Proraso Red cream
Proraso Blue cream
Proraso Green cream
Proraso White cream
Eucris cream
TOBS: Coconut cream
TOBS: Sandalwood soap
Cella Red
The Good Fellas Smile: Shibusa 2

I think I will empty most of them before I get another one, I'm already having too much soap.

My favorites this far are Eucris, Proraso Red and TOBS Coconut, Shibusa 2 is great too.
Haven't bought a thing since the end of 2015, still have these soaps left:

Cade Puck
AOS Lavender tub
AOS Lemon Puck
RazoRock P.160
4x Williams
VDH Luxury
Saponificio Varesino - Dolomiti
Wilkinson Stick (tallow/lanolin)
Mitchell's Wool Fat
D.R. Harris Windsor
Mama Bear's Awakenings
QED Lime
Haslinger Schafmilch
Italian Barber Fresco Verde
Through the Fire Pink Grapefruit
M&F sandalwood
Mystery Lavender
Tiki The Captain
Tiki 1920's Barber Shoppe
Tiki Set Sail
Stirling Executive Man
Stirling Aqua DGO
Stirling Lavender Sage
Stirling Blu
Stirling Orange Chill
SCS Mochacinno
Cella tub
Caitie's Bubbles La Terre Verte
Caitie's Bubbles Le Piment de la Vie
Vintage Colgate
HTGAM Cavendish
Dapper Dragon Signature
Fine American Blend
LaToja Stick
After the February GRUME, SAD hit hard and I bought 7 Palmolive sticks, 2 La Toja sticks, 1 Wilkinson Sword stick, 1 Mitchell Wool Fat puck and 2 Dr Harris refill, Arlington and Windsor.
But I gave away some soaps and creams.

  1. De Vergulde Hand
  2. Dr Harris Arlington
  3. Dr Harris Windsor
  4. Fine italian citrus
  5. Fine platinum
  6. Fine Santal
  7. Furbo Blu 900gr
  8. Goodfellas Legno di Radica
  9. Goodfellas Uva Mirtillo
  10. La Toja Stick x2
  11. Lea x3
  12. Martin De Candre Vetyver sample
  13. Mitchel Wool Fat
  14. Palmolive Stick x7
  15. Proraso Azur Lime 200gr
  16. Proraso Blue
  17. Proraso Cipress and Vetiver 100gr
  18. Proraso Green
  19. Proraso White
  20. Proraso Wood & Spice 100gr
  21. Rasozero Barbacco
  22. Razorock Blue Barbershop
  23. Razorock Mudder Focker
  24. Razorock Black Label
  25. Razorock Blue Label x2
  26. Razorock Gold Label
  27. Razorock Green Label
  28. TOBS Jermyn Street
  29. Van Der Lovett Gray x2
  30. Van Der Lovett Sailor Blend x4
  31. Van Der Lovett Sweetwood x2
  32. Vitos Red 900gr
  33. Vitos Tabac co 500gr
  34. Wilkinson Shave Stick
  35. WSP Gaelic Tweed Rustic
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I don't have a list, but would guess in the 125 range, not including samples or cheap tubes or sticks. Way too many as I only use 10-15 on a regular basis. I bet 30-40 have never been opened. Half the fun is supporting small business whether I use the product or not.

Some of my favorites are from SV, Murphy and McNeil and Mike's Natural
I hate having lots of different soaps. I have half tin SV cosmos, and a block of cella which I break a bit off when needed. However, I recently bought a hard Trumper rose which I found impossible to get a decent lather. So,I grated it and mixed it with equal amount of cella. Result, 2 tubs of really excellent new soap.
SV 70th
Ethos Lavender
Mikes x 3 varieties
Moon soaps x 3 varieties
Mystic Water sensitive
Oneblade Lavender (damn good stuff surprisingly)
PannaCrema Blu & Rossa
LPL Oud and Rose

I need another one like I need a hole in the head, yet, in a moment of weakness, Cutting Edge Hope order in. 🤦‍♂️
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