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How long could you go?


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If the terrorists win, and ban the sale or trade of all shaving products, how long could you get by on your current stash? I'll define a "shave" as having at your disposal shaving cream, a usable blade, and an aftershave treatment. Brushes shouldn't present a problem.

I'll go first. With fourteen tubs currently open, representating close to ten full tubs, I'm covered for awhile. I only have about 20-30 DE blades on hand, but the straights should be able to be made usable indefinately- the Shaptons aren't going any time soon, and who knows how long strops last. My limiting factor would be aftershaves. Even with around a dozen to choose from, and including the tons of witch hazel I have ferreted away, I see nuclear winter setting in in about two years, max.

How long can you go? What's your weak link in the shaving chain?
I easily have 30-40 soaps and creams hanging around, so those will last a while. Razor blades however, I am dead in like 10 weeks.

I'll have to give up my secret... I only keep one (maybe two) packs of blades on hand at a time. This way when i have to re-order blades, I can justify adding in a whole bunch of other goodies at the same time. Sick, huh? Besides, SWMBO can't argue with "I am out of blades".:wink:
Hmm... Between 2 & 3 years (several shave-ready straights) -- my gosh, I've accumulated alot of stuff lately! :eek: :biggrin:
let me go see what and how much I have on hand..............

yep, im good till next tuesday.


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
slcsteve said:

Your rather paltry 27 posts belies your status in this field. I have followed many of your ebay transactions and find you firmly ensconced in the upper echelon of sellers. Your list of supplies only reinforces this opinion. Good work, and thanks for sharing your compendious collection.

As my addiction worsens, I see that I'll have to contact you regarding injectors, a segment of this hobby that beckons.
I'm good on soaps and A/S splashes for quite sometime but, like Scotto I only keep so many blades on hand for the exact same reason as he does. When I order more blades, it gives me a chance to order other things too and the wife either hasn't picked up on it or, gives it a laugh and a smirk and just doesn't care. Either way, I'm not asking...if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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