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Homemade razor display

I've only been at this for a few weeks, but I've managed to accumulate several razors :smile: I have one of those "no extra space bathrooms", so excess razors were just kind of piled in the medicine cabinet. I've got a pile of shed deer antlers that I've picked up over the years, so I made a razor display with a couple of pieces of antler and a piece of birch plywood...

It fits between the medicine cabinet and the wall, and holds eight razors, though there are currently only five in it. I've got two more, possibly three, on the way, so I may have to expand again...

In the picture, the top row is a 1972 aluminum travel Tech, and a 1940 ball end tech. Bottom row is a NEW, a 1967 Slim, and a no-date-code, 48-50 notched Super Speed...
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Of course you'll be expanding and adding more sheds to this.
Nicely done
Displays them well and keeps them dry..
Thanks, guys. My lovely wife hasn't voiced an opinion yet, and probably won't. Whenever a new package shows up in the mail, whether it's a freebie or something I've bought, she just smiles and shakes her head. I would imagine it's the same with the razor "rack"... :laugh:
whoooo hoooooo now that's a good use for a buck rack. I wonder what rack the hubby has from past years of deer hunting would look the best. I know he's taken sheds and made pen holders before. (Was a slow day and he found some sheds and well it killed some dead time.) Except drilling into antlers isn't the most sweet smelling aroma in the world. But it looks great, and what a great idea !!!!

Now it would really look cool to use the whole rack and see if there was a way to modify a fork to hold a brush......
If you've only been at it a few weeks, you may as well hang an entire mount in your bathroom within the next few months! :biggrin:

Nice novel design. Building razor racks is like buying clothes for kids - leave some room for growth. I am glad to see that you did just that.
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