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Hmm, not a lot of activity here...

...does this mean we're anticipating rolling the creams forum into the soaps forum?

It certainly does seem like soaps are getting all the attention of late. Which is fine with me; the posters are always right (sort of by definition) when it comes to picking the material!

You know Rich - I've noticed this as well. I think it may be because the commonly used creams (Proraso, the Three T's, Vulfix, etc., etc.) have all been talked and reviewed to death.

Soaps, on the other hand, seem to come in many different formulations and take a little more attention to make work properly, etc. Plus with the EDT's that Charles is adding to them? Ohh baby - you can keep your Taylor's Almond... :tongue_sm

We had some friends come over last night for dinner. The husband had spent many years in Germany and (since he knows I'm "into" shaving) he mentioned Tabac with a certain fondness. I brought him up to the "shaving den" and showed him that I have a few in storage. He took a long smell on the one I have open and just went on and on about the memories it brought back, etc.

Really fun.
I've noticed that there is not a lot of activity on the soap section as well. Since there is so little activity, perhaps soaps and creams should be combined. I miss the posts on soaps and creams. I'm not a cologne or after shave user, and it seems that these tend to be the focus on this forum.

I really don't get tired of hearing people's experiences with soaps and creams. That's how I got addicted to the 3 T's and other fine creams. I just picked up my first tub of Trumper's Violet last week and I really enjoy it. To be honest, I don't find much difference in the quality of shaves amoung the 3 T's. For me it's a matter of scent. Therefore, I choose the creams based on my scent preference. For Sandlewood, I go with Taylor's. For Floral, I go with Trumper's Violet. For edible I go with Salter's Lime, Salter's Mint, and Taylor's Avocado. For cologne, I go with Taylor's St. james, T&H 1805, and my favorite, T&H Trafalger. By the way, although I enjoy Salters, I would place it just below the 3 T's.

I've kind of imposed a moratorium on any further shave cream purchases until I have made a dent in the ones I currently have. I do believe my next purchase will be a rose scent, i just haven't decided which brand yet.
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