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Hello from a Newbie...

Hi all. I stumbled on this forum because I was looking for a shaving alternative. I'm 44 and for the better part of my shaving life I've used cartridge and disposable razors. I've become increasingly annoyed the last few years with the quality and the price of these razors so I've decided to make the change and switch to a DE. From what I've read so far I think I'm going to try the Merkur HD. Not sure what blades yet, so any recommendations will be appreciated. Anyway. Glad to be here and looking forward to the change.
Welcome! I'm very much a newbie myself but have seen posted many times to try a sampler pack. I'm still working through the Wilkinson Swords from mine and getting great shaves, and am anxious to try out the others.
wellcome to B&B!!

The 34C is the best to start with but IMO the merkur blade that comes with it is not the best for a newbie.I am in scotland so I am using a Personna blade,cheap but I get amazing shaves.
Welcome to B&B! Definitely try a sampler pack of blades. Blades are the biggest YMMV(your mileage may vary) variables in the DE shaver's world. You have no idea what blade you'll love (or hate) until you drag it across your own face. Glad you found us! Beware the RAD, it can sneak up on you!:lol:
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