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GreekGuy's 3000th Post PIF

Everyday, I'm reminded of the generosity of B&B members. For example, just today I offered to buy something from a member, and he said he would just send it to me.

I noticed I now have 3000 posts, and I thought for the occasion, I should give back to the whole B&B community. So being the soap enabler that I am, Dr. Dittmar is one of my favorite soaps. And I'd like to give someone else the chance to try it. But then I thought, well, I've been here for nearly 3 years. I have 3000 posts. I should give 3 people the opportunity. And since the internet knows no borders, neither should this PIF. Any B&B member, around the world, is open to participate and win.

The rules are simple:

1) You must have never tried Dr. Dittmar
2) You must post your impressions in my Dr. Dittmar thread (which I'll revive)
3) You must try using a lot of water with your Dr. Dittmar soap should you win
4) You must post some statement in this thread that you'd like to be considered
5) And most importantly, you must always try to live the B&B spirit

The contest will run till 11:59 PM Western time on June 20th. I will then randomly pick and announce 3 lucky winners.

You need not be a newbie to participate. It doesn't matter if you have 1 post or 10000 posts. Everyone is welcome to win

Good Luck!

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I would love to try the soap. I usually can't participate in these since I'm from Canada. Nice accomplishment by the way; I enjoy reading your posts.

Please don't count me in but congratulations on your 3,000 post milestone. I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to your next 3,000.

Enjoy your shaves.

Count me in, would love to (hopefully) find out why you recommend/require the use of lots of water... but I can see you're done your homework so I assume it works out great!
That's awesome! What a great way to spread the word about a product you enjoy. As another Canuck, I'm happy there is a PIF I can participate in! And I'd happily report my experience should the opportunity arise. Congrats on a prolific post count!

I'm in. Congrads on 3000+
so I did a quick search on Dr. Dittmar. And other then finding thousands of of Dr. Dittmars in the US there were very few revews on the shaveing soap. But the ones I did find seem very happy with the product.
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