God I love Arko.

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    is there an Arko group in the clubs and brotherhoods? perhaps we need to start one if there isn't one.
  1. I’m in and thank you for posting that! I’ll make sure to check in there and post up some pics !
  2. Arko performs!!
  3. Everybody should get a whole box of Arko shave sticks because it’s so CHEAP!!

  4. Arko. So polarizing but so effective!
    It is probably the moped of soaps
  5. That way we would be covered for the shavapocalypse.
  6. Arko may very well may be the best value product on the face of the earth.
  7. That’s a lot of sticks.........seriously
  8. Keep your wet shaving busy throughout the whole year
  9. Heck yeah! A little over a year, I wanted to try Arko, as it had pretty much the same ingredients as vintage Williams, so, yeah, I bought the 12 pack. I still haven't used up the first stick (I'm still using my other soaps, too), and I gave one to my brother in law, so these should probably last me until I retire.
  10. Is there anyone that has not ALREADY bought a dozen of these? A dozen cost me about 11 euros some years ago. We're talking about the best soap for the money.
  11. Some of us truly hate the scent of Arko. I am fine with it, and would compare it to the scent of Ivory soap, but more intense. I like it's performance, and you can't beat the price with a stick. It's not in my rotation, however, there are too many soaps and creams I like better.
  12. You lazy scared Arko chicken

  13. :001_tt2: You called it!
  14. At first I thought I'll join the Arko cult, but ...

    It really dries out my face too severely. I have to apply lip balm to my lips after shaving if it comes in contact with them while brushing/lathering. I also get some skin irritation and itch.

    Also, on the protection front it's not that good to me.

    Overall great soap, great value, but not getting along with my face.
  15. Love ARKO !
  16. Arko is cheap and performs, but dries my skin too.
    My relationship with Arko had to come to an end due to the chemical-detergent scent.
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    Fun to ride, but you don't want your friends seeing you.
  18. I don't care for Arko.. I can't say it performed poorly, but I could "feel" it on my face after I was done using it. I don't enjoy using a soap I want to keep rinsing off.

    I threw it out, I hated to waste it, but life is too short to use something you don't enjoy, especially when I use safety razors for the enjoyment of it.

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