God I love Arko.

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    The sent the slickness Great Shave it’s all there.

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  1. Are you referring to the shave stick
  2. I have Both and I love em

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  3. I've been plastering globs of soft soap onto my Arko stick and using it as an applicator. Takes about a week to break back through into the Arko. Then I get a reminder of what a great soap Arko is. I Had a great Arko shave this morning. It's funny when you're wearing through a $40 soap into a $2 soap and enjoying the change.
  4. I have a stick of Arko I haven't opened yet. Still have to 3017 a few other soaps before I open it, such as a Derby tub, Tabac tub... It might be a while.
  5. I have a puck I use every other day , I love the stuff too.
  6. I wanted to love it, I really did. The smell didn’t bother me, but it really irritated my skin. I quickly PIFd it
  7. I had a stick of Arko unopened, which I gave away.
    No regrets
  8. Love the stick and the smell doesn’t bother me, best of all it’s very very CHEAP to bu and easy to lather
  9. Arko is great stuff! As good a soap as others that cost much more. I have gotten used to the scent and it does not bother me - it's a clean soapy scent, but I wear aftershave that covers it over anyway.
  10. Evening news showcased a fellow who goes up to homes and licks the doorbell for long periods of time. A security camera caught his act.

    Love comes in many flavors, I guess. So, go ahead and love your Arko.
  11. ajkel64

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    I like Arko, great value for money soap. The smell is okay, you get used to it after a few uses and I would be happy to buy another stick.
  12. I used arko this morning, i have a stick cut up and put into a mug that i keep near the sink. Great stuff, however when it runs out i'll be replacing it with a stick of palmolive purely for how easy it is to get here.

    A couple of current Arko bargins;

    12 sticks for less than £10 delivered;


    1 soap puck and an omega boar brush for the same price;

  13. I have a few Arco sticks that I got for when I travel. I really like the scent. (to me it's a bit citrusy). I just wish they had an AS that smelled the same way.
  14. I have found that Murray and Lanman Orange Blossom cologne pairs very well with Arko. Very similar scent. Same company who makes Florida Water, which is also a great pairing for Arko.
  15. An aftershave that covers up the scent of Arko? I'll stay on the upwind side of that.
  16. I'm getting my tub delivered today, I'm a huge fan of Arko, my coworker gave me a chunk of it, and I really liked it. However I'm not a fan of the stick, I'm a fan of bowl/container soaps.

    The scent to me is right on par with Williams mug soap, and or really close to that smell.
  17. I have 4 of their AS’s. I buy them when I go to turkey on holiday, I have the orange, blue, black and gold. Really nice.
  18. The Arko after shave balms are very nice too.
  19. loving arko wasn't a choice we we're born this way #ArkoPride

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