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gillette silver blue

GSB was worst from my sample pack. Never again. Unpleasent and tugging, Rubie and Wilkinson miles ahead.

Interesting. I like GSB, although they are not my favorites by any means. It may take a shave or two with the GSB for the blade to reach its full potential in sharpness.

I find Rubie Plus blades to be on par with Astra Superior Platinum. Neither are fails for me, but I do not enjoy using either. They are not sharp enough for my beard..

Which Wilkinson Sword blade are you talking about: the German made Wilkinson Sword or the Gillette branded blades. I find the Gillette Wilkenson Swords blades to be on par with the GSB blades. I prefer the German Wilkies.
hey people so i used the gillette silver blue in my merkur 45 bakelite de razor,
really nice blade, has to be up there with the gillette nacets and rubies too

i'd probably say better then astra sp's and a bit better then dorco titans as the gillette silver blues are very smooth and sharp too YMMV

what are your thoughts and experiences with this blade?
I loved what I got in the sample, but was not in love with I got with the 100 pack. I gave away after 4 blades
I have worked my down or up to three favorite blades and razors. silver blue and nacet in my EJ89, light blue Platinum and silver blue in my red tip, and silver blue, nacet, and light blue plats in my slim.

GSB and Nacet seem to be the same blade with the Nacet having less if any coating. I feel they resemble the overpriced vintage spoilers that I bought on ebay.

The light blue plats are very much like the platinum plus (Brazilian made) to me. They are often compared to the Swedes, but never having tried a Swede I couldn't say.

When I say light blue plats I mean these:

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these 3 blades.
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