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Thoughts on Gillette 7 o’clock Super Platinum (blacks)?

I like the 7o'clock Super Platinum (also first tried it when I got a 7o'clock Sterling razor), although not sure if I like them enough more than Astra Superior Platinum to justify the price (and lack of availability). Curious to see how they compare specifically to the newer Indian produced Astra SPs.
I love them, but the price in the US on them has gotten ridiculous lately. Luckily I have about 50-60 of them left from last order of a 100.
Razor blades are a mystery when it comes to individual experiences and therefore it's completely impossible to buy based on what other recommend and like. My big favorite is Gillette 7o'clock sharpedge (yellow). These blades glide so smoothly across the skin and remove hair like butter. There are several things that determine each individual experience, such as how dense your beard growth and which razor we use.
My wonderful match is 7o'clock yellow together with Merkur Progress adjustable razor.
It is my favorite blade besides a vintage polsilver that I was lucky enough to get a few and try. They usually go 20 plus shaves for me so that will always factor into the cost if vs a blade that needs to be tossed after 5-7. I have a few hundred blacks left and look every now and again to see if a deal can be had for more. I’m thinking about asking an Indian grocer to see if they might have a lead on them at a decent price.
So far I’ve liked the Gillette 7 o’clock Super Platinum blacks the best. They seem to have the best balance of very sharp & very smooth.

Of the DE blades that I have tried, which is over fifty, the Black's are in the number one spot for me.

As it has been noted, they went from $18 to $34 in just over a years time. Doesn't seem to be any particular reason for this doubling in price? As specially since they come from India, which is not a conflict zone and produces generally way less expensive blades.

Fortunately, I have a quite sufficient quantity laid in.

Still, as it has been pointed out, one hundred Black's are about the same price as fifty Feathers or Kai's.

I just tried my first SharpEdge "Yellow" toward the end of last year and I am very impressed with this blade.


Packaging is missing a ribbon with a bow tie. Opportunity to charge extra 5 bucks.
Oh well...

And what's the empty space on the right side? Oh... that's where you store your nail clippers. Smart.
I imagine the front offers space for the shavette. Double smart.

Great blades, indeed.
Here's a PSA announcement regarding B & B's Great Blade Exchange:

If anyone has blades they no longer want, please consider shipping tucks or packages of 100's to the Great Blade Exchange. Send me a PM asking how to donate to the GBE & I'll send you my mailing information. If you want to send more than 2 - 5 tucks, those donations will also be accepted & appreciated.
We rely on the kindness of members to keep the GBE stocked & current with new in-the-market blades.
During our PM conversation I'll let you know if any brands in the GBE have sufficient inventory where additional donations of that brand of blade are not currently needed.
Thank you!!!!

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