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Gillette Safety Razor And Muehle Safety Razor?

Tradional razor

No. R89

$ 23.73 Chrom-plated metal razor

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This nickel-plated model echoes the classic style of razors from the early 1900's and not only gives a thorough shave, but is a great value as well when one considers the price of 3- or 4- blade shaving systems. Especially good for travel, as this razor uses the traditional safety blades available the world over.


Has anyone here ever heard of or used this safety razor from Muehle Pinsel (sp.?) in Germany?

for sale in Russia/EasternEurope, I believe Gillette still make a butterfly/silo safety razor that takes DE blades. Called the Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus.

Are either of these safety razors worth looking into?

I am afraid your information is wrong. The Gillette Rubie razor has been discontinued for 15 years. It was a 3 piece. Not butterfly/silo as you call it. The last Gillette razors of this (silo) kind have been manufactured in 1998-1999 in England and that was the end.
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