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Modern Adjustable DE Safety Razors that use the Gillette Slim Adjustable & Super Adjustable Adjustment Mechanism from the 1960's-1980's?

Since returning to DE shaving 4+ years ago I've been surprised that few of today's modern DE razors use the reliable and effective adjustment mechanism that was almost the standard in Gillette butterfly razors back in the 1960' through the early 1980's. This mechanism uses a platform with four bars (2 per side) that extend through holes in the base plate to adjust the blade gap. It worked well for me in the Gillette Super Adjustable "Black Beauty" that I started shaving with in my college days. Gillette filed a patent for this in 1955 that was approved in 1958.

Most of today's adjustable razors either do not also have a butterfly mechanism or, if they use a butterfly, use an often problematic central spring mechanism that per many reviews across brands and my experience (Ming Shi 3000s) result in an often tilted/uneven base plate that is challenging to shave with.

The one exception to this I'm currently aware of, is my recently purchased, is the Razorock Adjust/Baili BD191 (sold by Stirling) that uses a clone of this mechanism. Is anyone aware of any other modern, currently produced butterfly DE safety razors that also use this same type of adjustment mechanism? If so please post here as I suspect that many other B&Bers would be interested in a razor if this type.

Manufacturers don't share a lot of details on the razor mechanisms in their on-line listings. I didn't know my Razorock Adjust had this until I started using it. The mechanism works well allowing this razor to deliver great shaves just like my Super Adjustable. Had I known it had this mechanism I'd have purchased one a while ago.

I've attached a copy of the patent that includes diagrams for those who are curious. In the diagrams item #24 is an illustration of the platform with the 4 bars that extend through the base plate. In addition to the Gillette Super Adjustables of the 1970's and 1980's I've confirmed, via on-line photos, that the same mechanism was also used in the Gillette Slim Adjustable from the 1960's.


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P.S. Just found this thread on a similar topic. Doesn't appear that anyone called out a modern butterfly adjustable razor that used the mechanism noted in the patent on my original post. While the Razorock Adjust/Baili BD191 was available then we didn't realize that it actually uses a clone of this mechanism.

P.S.S. Just saw a photo of the inside of a $150 Rockwell T2 adjustable and it does appear to have an adjustment mechanism that is similar to the classic Gillette adjustable mechanism noted above. It also uses a butterfly mechanism. Anyone who has one of these please confirm.

T2 reviews from fellow B&Bers indicate that it is a mild razor.

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I can't confirm if the mechanism is exactly the same, but this is the inside of my Rockwell T2 and it has the 4 bars through the base plate as you mentioned.

I can also confirm that it is a relatively mild razor, compared to a Flexi or Konsul. However, it works the best for my face and I get the most comfortable and close shaves with it.
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I can't confirm if the mechanism is exactly the same, but this is the inside of my Rockwell T2 and it has the 4 bars through the base plate as you mentioned.

I can also confirm that it is a relatively mild razor, compared to a Flexi or Konsul. However, it works the best for my face and I get the most comfortable and close shaves with it.
Thank you for posting. Glad to hear how well the Rockwell T2 works for you. Very nice looking razor.

Its mechanism is definitely a clone of the classic Gillette mechanism in their razors like the Slims and Super Adjustables. Have a look at the patent graphic in the attachment in my original post. Also see the attached photo of the Slim mechanism, courtesy of @EasyDoesIt who just sold this razor on the BST, with the same four bars. I'll post the same for my Razorock Adjust once I 3017 current blade in it.

It's surprising, given how well this mechanism works, that we haven't seen it more often in current production adjustable razors. The patent appears to have expired decades ago per the web listing.


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Lane, my friend, there is a lack of response to your OP.
Hi Quaznoid, not surprising as I suspect there may not be any other current production razors with the classic Gillette adjustment mechanism, noted in my OP above, used in razors like the Slim and Super Adjustable. The purpose of this post was to see if I missed anything as I was not even aware that this mechanism was used in the Razorock Adjust until I first used it a month ago and only found out about the T2 after my original post above.

Even though the Razorock Adjust and Rockwell T/T2 came out over the past three or so years I haven't seen any other posts noting that they use the same type of well regarded adjustment mechanism used in the above classic Gillette adjustable razors. Hence a thread like this is useful to let folks know about this and also as a place for future posts on any new razors that use this type of mechanism. Surprised that the manufacturers and retailers of these razors missed what should be a great marketing point that these two razors use one of the best and most proven adjustment mechanisms out there.

It also may be useful for the manufacturers who may not realize that there a an opportunity in this space given how well this mechanism works. If manufacturers can bring both premium ($100-150+) and popular ($15+) models to market there is an opportunity and mid-range price points also.

When I first returned to DE 4+ years ago my initial razor search was focused on finding a reasonably priced Super Adjustable clone given how well my original Black Beauty worked for me. After finding nothing I settled on the Weishi 9306 long handle and then later added a King C. Gillette to have mild and moderate shaving options. My research and experimentation with the then current popularly priced TTO adjustables showed that they had design flaws that resulted in blade alignment issues. Then effective adjustable razors were multi-piece designs I did not like.

Had one of these options (T2 or Adjust) been available when I started it might have become my one and only razor. So far the Adjust has proven to be excellent and I'm glad I picked up a couple from Italian Barber for $7.99 each during their holiday sale.

Also added a Gillette Super Adjustable photo, recently posted by @Bungo Pete, that shows a nice view of the Gillette adjustment bars.


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I do have a T2 and like it, but it does seem bulkier than the Gillettes in use. I also have the 6S with its - to me - clunky replaceable heads. Was looking for a good, modern adjustable like the Slim as I find the Merkur styles or the changeable plate styles to either be too aggressive or not as nice.
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