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    These are brand new, made in Russia.
  1. Oh, I see now. Perhaps a rebranding of the "old" P&G Gillette Platinums.
  2. No, the package says they're made in Russia. I would think they're a blister pack retail package of the dark blue Platinums that get good reviews on this site, commonly available to US buyers for under $20 per 100. But I don't know, it's possible that they're a different product with the same name.
  3. They look rather different once opened. Gillette markings are only on one side of the blade and they appear to be etched rather than painted/stained. I'll post the photo tomorrow.
  4. Gave it a go today (in EJ 89). Very mild and super efficient. More akin to Gillette Platinum whites. IMG_0667.JPG
  5. @Asterix
    What do you mean by Gillette Platinum whites? The ones on an individual card and white pack that are sold in Spain, Italy, Portugal, or the ones in a plain blue and white pack for Eastern Europe?
  6. The former ones, i.e. the ones sold in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Croatia ({{ appOptions.ogTitle || appOptions.title }} not the 100 blister pack blue ones.
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  7. Got a box of the new ones in a supermarket nearby. They had the blue-and-white ones on the 100 pcs card and they had just next to them the new ones on individual card. Grabbed a box of 50 at once. Price for both types was like 0.40EUR a pack. :001_rolle I will compare both types. In a few days I will report if there is any difference. I will have to compare them at least in 2 different razors to be objective.

    gillette platinum-card.jpg
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  8. .40EUR seems pretty cheap! 8.00EUR for 100 is a better deal than even the Astra SP 100 packs from Amazon.
  9. Went into another small supermarket today with the thought they might also have the new Platinum ones. And bingo! They were just unpacking them. Got another 30 blades. Total count now is 110 blades. Oh, and btw, tomorrow I'm posting a detailed comparison report. So far the results are these are different blades. Full disclosure tomorrow. To be continued...
  10. Here come the results.
    For reference , here is a picture of both types.

    2 types platinum-.jpg

    We all know the left variety. It has been around for many years. I remember in the early 90s they didn't have the blue "frame". They used to be all white and were made in France, then Spain. I will call the left variety white-blue box.
    The ones on the right are the newest platinums with the new Gillette logo. I am going to refer to this variety as blue box.
    Manufacturing date: white-blue - october 2017, blue ones - march 2018

    Just after looking at the blades my guess was these should shave differently. The white-blue ones have the black paint logo and you can smell oil. The blue ones have the logo laser etched. They don't smell at all.

    I used both blades in R41 and Fatip Piccolo MK1 for 4 days. One shave per each blade in each razor. Same cream, same brush, same everything. Even aftershave balm. My guess is when going WTG most people wouldn't notice difference between the blades, but when you go ATG and XTG the difference is obvious. The white-blue ones tug, the blue ones don't, they are sharper. In the afternoon, around 3 o'clock you notice the difference on your face. The blue blades just give a closer shave.

    Now I know I am going to open a Pandora's box here. It's been years since I used a Swede, but the blue blades remind me of the Swedes. They actually have the arrows on them as seen in this post Gillette Platinum DE Blades

    A final thought. On the back of the blue card there are 18 languages. Up to now I have never seen Gillette double edge blades with that many. There are many Western European as well as Eastern European countries mentioned. Are P&G going to sell the good stuff to all Europeans now?
    I also have to mention that I have never tried the super expensive White Platinums that are sold in Spain, Italy, Portugal.
  11. I fully concur with your experience, Ivan. The new blue ones are miles ahead of the white-blue blades. I tried the new blades in my EJ 89, Muhle Rocca and Fatip Grande(open comb). Definitely a much improved blade. I dare to say they work better than the white platinums (sold in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Croatia). The difference
    between the white platinums and the new blades in EJ 89 is not noticeable. However, IMO, they perform better in the Rocca and Fatip. Most certainly, they resemble the Swedes.

  12. Asterix, the white ones for Western Europe don't have the plant where they are manufactured on the back card. That means they are not made in Russia as the newest all-blue ones. Probably Lodz in Poland. They stopped making DE blades there around 2009. So no way the newest blades shave the same as the white pack.
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  13. Some of us might be eagerly waiting for these to become available to US buyers......:001_smile
  14. I only have experience with "white-blue" box (left one). I didn't care much for those blades, but lately tried them in a Merkur 37 slant and was blown away by the good combo. They tame it down just a bit, so it becomes even more smooth.
  15. Asterix. That's interesting. My back card photo of the white Platinums doesn't have the additional sticker that says Russia

    Some of us might be eagerly waiting for these to become available to US buyers......:001_smile

    I don't think that will happen. P&G recently started selling again Gillette Platinum Plus in the US, and they are made in Brazil. Veeery expensive. My observations through the years are that Gillette doesn't market Russian made blades / cartridges in the US. Cartridges, disposables, and DE blades for the US market are made mainly in Mexico and Brazil. Although recently I received from the US a 10 pack of TRACII Plus cartridges made in Poland.

    My observations with the white-blue platinums exactly. In very aggressive razors they give you very good shaves. The last 2 days I compared the blue and the white-blue blade in my Ming-Shi adjustable @4. Funny, but the white-blue one is definitely better in that razor. Not so good with the blue one. The Ming Shi in most cases doesn't work well with very sharp blades.
  16. I don't expect them to become available through standard channels. PPI-made products are routinely available in the US via gray market sellers offering the products on eBay or elsewhere. I am hoping these will become available in the same way, but right now the only PPI GPs available are the previous version.
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    I believe the ones from Brazil were Platinum Plus.

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