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Genuinely Gillette: Original Patent Drawings For Patently Original Designs

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As of the date of this page's inception, I've been a
for about a month-and-a-half. I'm
not familiar with the full scope of content offered
here, as there are hundreds of pages and members,
yielding thousands of comments on myriad topics.

I guess that's my disclaimer. Ha! I don't want to
duplicate the efforts of any other members.
I have a feeling that my endeavors here
probably aren't redundant.

I thought it would be interesting to offer an unusual
glimpse into the history of traditional DE shaving --
by examining the mechanical realization and evolution
of its devices from their gestational design and utility concepts.
As such, I'm providing SkyDrive access to PDF copies
of patent documents, chronicling the novelty and
improvement which engendered some of the
fascinating grooming instruments present in pristine collections
and active shaving arsenals alike -- 'the world over'.

To head this page I chose Gillette's logo as it
appeared in its longest-lived iteration, used to secure
the company's global identity from 1901 to 1964.
Gillette is iconic. Its dominant influence on
an industry and the culture which it spawned
is certain, even though there were and continue
to be other innovators and competitors.

I've just begun this pursuit, and I will contribute as I can.
I don't yet know how extensive these records are.
My dalliance may be brief. It probably will be so.
Rhetorically -- even literally -- how many
patentable introductions to the shaving
world could there have been?
We shall see. . . :a29:

I hope you enjoy these. This is a bit geeky, but
I think that's acceptable in a rather esoteric community like this. :biggrin1:
* I'm not tech-savvy enough to work around my current problem: *
I can't get embed code or links like the one below to work. This
only appears as a link which fails, not static text, but the correct
page with individual options will
display if you copy the link string
into the browser search bar and open it in another tab.

THANKS for checkin' out this 'project'!


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