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Free Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium

Hi Adam. I guess that's your name. Welcome to B&B!

Thanks for the link although we're nearly all traditionalists here, single edge razors mostly!

What's your shaving set up?

Thanks for the welcome

Im currently using a Gillette Mach 3 on a custom handle but i'm considering a single edge, possibly even a cut-throat.

I went back to wet-shaving after having a barbers shop shave when I was best man at a wedding and being so impressed by the results.

My shave brush is a fairly low-spec one from the body shop as it was the first one I saw but im looking for a better one at the moment.
Cheers for the link. I tried the quattro before and it was ok, if I hadn't already discovered DE shaving I'd be ordering one right now.

But having purchased a Merkur Futur and Derby blades and learned how to use them, well lets just say even a free Quattro doesn't tempt me in the slightest! :laugh:

Welcome to the forum, IMO you should totally try a DE razor - you'll be hooked! :thumbup1:
Another welcome Adam.

I've also ordered one for the hell of it! I reckon that if one is in my bathroom cabinet, then it isn't hacking someone else's face about...

I do the same with banjos. I have four around the house I don't play, which stops others playing them.

adamfield said:
This is also my first post as i've been a lurker until now, learning all about shaving brushes as I'm a recent convert from a philishave electric jobbie.

Thanks :biggrin:

Welcome aboard! (Electric-*shudders*:eek:)


Does anyone know if there are alternative blades to fit the Wilkinson Quattro?
I don't seem to be able to request a free sample? The link you gave just brings me to the product homepage?

EDIT: I should have checked the date in the original post, lol.
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