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Fine Fresh Vetiver


my brain goes "thonk"
I have a sample of this that I didn't like when I first tried it. Now I like it. It stayed with me all day long which I think is unusual for an aftershave. I think it's an aftershave. What is this fragrance supposed to be similar to? I think Grey Flannel. Does that sound right? I also think Fine discontinued this.
No, it was a copy of Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver, not Creed or Beene.

You are correct: Shaving Fragrance Homages - The Thirsty Badger Shave Company - https://www.thirstybadger.ca/shaving-fragrance-homage/

I tried the soap and didn't care for it. FWIW I discovered I have zero interest in Tom Ford products or copies of them.

Yes, Grey Vetiver I found insipid and rather one dimensional, compared to Guerlain Vetiver. And I never understood the hype for Beau de Jour...
Yes. I noticed a number of years ago that Mr. Fine uses different varieties of scripts on his labels, which led me to realize that he mimics the "font" used on the labels of the original brands he's duping. I thought it was quite clever, and that provided me the proof of my conclusion at the time that Fresh Vetiver was meant as a Tom Ford clone.

Tom Ford products, among my other objections to buying the brand, are ridiculously overpriced, and he often just clones other well-known scents (apparently "Neroli Portofino" is just a copy of 4711 at what, 30x the price? And so on).

The Grey Vetiver scent was so disappointing that it was the first shaving soap I almost decided to 3017 as a bath soap.
I like Fresh Vetiver personally, I've not smelt the TF cologne it is based off but its a soapy, sharp green vetiver scent that almost takes on an aquatic character. For an aftershave, I think the scent is quite good. Fine's products in general are overpriced but one bottle of AS will last like 4months for me so I ignore it.
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