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Fighting windmills (Muhle R89 vs R41)

This is interesting. What is this shim like?
I plan to try R41 with a Yagi Beast cap. Some brothers here write it is a good combination. SLOC cap is also used but can't find such.
The shim is very simple, and simple to make. I use a used DE blade and cut the cutting edges off of it. With a sharp pair of scissors. Place the shim on the cap after you have placed your favorite blade, in other words, underneath your shaving blade so as to lift it up and away from the baseplate, creating a larger gap.
R41 ... + Feather (1) 🥳

Second perfect shave with R41!
The Feather on its second use performed much better than on the first.

The rest of the setup as usual:
Linkidea bowl
Muhle STF 21 brush
Proraso Green pre-shave
Tabac soap
Tabac EDC
Capt. Fawcett alum bar

Somehow I found the right angle from the start, even though I recently shaved with R89. The blade was singing its beautiful song sliding easily through my 3-day old bristle.
Did 2.5 passes - WTG, XTG on the neck, ATG, with almost nothing left to bluff.
Got 2 small nicks due to my stubborn habit from the cartridges to repeat a spot even there is no lather left on it.
The end result is "R41 smooth" skin. Compared to my previous shave with R89 and a Feather again on its second use, R89 did its best and the result was smooth, but now I have another criteria for smoothness. Sorry, R89, I know you did your best.

Definitely, 10/10 or maybe 41/10.

Smooth shaves, Gents :straight:
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