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Favourite instant coffee?

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A colleague of mine was in Israel on a sabbatical. The first day they had the grad students in and put out a big urn of hot water, tea bags, a bowl of instant coffee, and some spoons. He did what most did, put a spoonful of the coffee into a mug and added hot water.

That was when he found out it was regular ground coffee, and that was the way they preferred to drink it. When in Rome...

I've got to do some looking around where I live. Mostly all I ever see are Folger's or Tim Horton's or Nabob. I may even have to visit a Starbuck's. I always feel like I'm missing a bunch of culture references when I go there.



My wallet cries.
Somebody mentioned Mount Hagen, that's good one too, I went into the depths of my pantry and found a few sachets of Canyon Coffee, I was searching for exactly what op was looking for, good instant suggestions and this came up a lot. Pricey, but... not bad. I had one of those Starbucks VIA sticks and those weren't bad either. I think it was the "French Roast" one.
Okay, gang, I'm here to give you two affordable entries into the tiny world of good instant coffees. Both are products of Colombia but are available in the US with some poking around. The first is Colcafe, which I first found in a Texas Walmart in the Hispanic aisle. Except for a couple of Walmarts in Texas and Florida, it is hard to find in the store. With some work, you can get it from walmart dot com. $4.99 for a 6oz. glass jar last I checked. The second good choice is Trader Joe's instant Colombian. It comes in a 3 1/2oz. jar for $3.99.
Had some heart problems recently, went for a check up and the doc made the point that the high levels of caffeine in coffee (not instant) is causing a problem for many, his last visitor has 10 double espressos a day and causing concern.

I can recommend Percol instant coffee for those that like a long lasting flavour in a strong coffee

As some of you know I have to give up the brewed coffee for a while and am now able to tolerate drinking instant coffee. Its not the greatest, but it will do in a pinch. Just wondering if any of you have a particular favourite brand?
It has been a while since I posted this thread...and it just so happens that I have recently set aside my French Press and espresso maker and have been enjoying the simple taste of Nescafe instant coffee. One of life's simple pleasures. Reminds my of my impoverished and single university days. Seems I go through phases with coffee...I think its good to change things up now and again.
Pardon me but I have never had any instant Coffee that put smile on my face.

I only drink Read Deal Coffee, only Black. Don’t do Coffee n Flavor drinks like Starbuck sell.
Just for fun I went to Amazon and typed in "instant coffee" and came up with a surprisingly large number of products for sale. And the article posted in #61 (above) surprised me that the popularity of instant coffee is growing, albeit slowly. For once in my life I am ahead of the wave.

Old Hippie

Somewhere between 61 and dead
I occasionally grab some jar of instant if I'm heading into the back country for a while and just know I'm not going to want to mess with the whole mahooha of coffee ritual. Nice change, also makes me glad to get back home. :) I'm actually much more likely to take an actual coffee pot with me on a day trip. I'll find some nice spot and pull over for a brew-up and then go my way again.



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I'll find some nice spot and pull over for a brew-up and then go my way again.
Reading this made me realize I’ve never done this with my kids. Growing, when on trips, up it was common for my dad to pull over at a picnic area or park somewhere along the way pull out the camp stove, and makes some hotdogs. Cheaper than buying fast food, and it gives you a good break from the car. There used to be A-frame ladders that went up and over the barbed wire so you you could go into the brush and relived yourself. I doubt the ladders are still there.

I’ll have to stop with my kids on the next trip we take. I usually bring coffee for a French press when we go camping. I have an insert that turns a Nalgene bottle into a French Press.
One more vote for Mount Hagen. We always take it on vacay so we can be sure of having some decent coffee whenever we like. I am sensitive to caffeine, so I either do half-caf or full decaf and it's the best instant I have ever tasted by far.

YMMV, of course.
I enjoy the nescafe or any of the Asian 3n1 coffees. Not much coffee and more cream and sugar. Good in a pinch and I always have a few in my backpack. Easy enough to get hot water. Once just once had to walk home from work and you can actually eat them in a pinch. Might not be good for you but it was a quick pick me up :lol:
I remember my grandfather had a jar of Folger's instant on the table in his kitchen.

I've never found an instant coffee I would call "good", but I found a kind that is acceptable.

Vinacafe is from Vietnam. It already has cream and sugar in it so it's perfect for camping or picnics.

Again, not great or even good, but acceptable. And better than nothing if you need a pick-me-up.


I watched a few "taste testing" videos of different instant coffee brands and there seems to be a consensus that the Nescafe Gold makes a pretty good brew. So I purchased a bottle today. Havent tried it yet, I have a couple of different bottles open already that I should finish up first.

And recently I picked up a bottle of this Italian instant coffee. I find it quite good as well. A rich flavour.

Years ago I only drank the cheapest no-name instant coffee I could find because I couldn't afford the fancy whole bean fresh ground coffees, then when i could afford it I migrated to fresh ground espresso on the stovetop and French press. I have come full circle and am enjoying dipping my tastebuds in the world of instant coffees again.
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