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Favourite canned meats

Rusty Blade

Okay, I know some turn their noses up at the idea of eating canned meat, but every once in a while I absolutely love a can of Spam or Hereford Corned Beef. And what kid growing up in the 70s didn't get a sandwich of Underwood Deviled Ham in their lunch?

Sandwiches, loaded with mustard, mayo and lettuce and a few thick slices of canned meat. Or fried with eggs for breakfast. Absolute heaven.
I like my solid Tuna fish in a can with some mayonnaise or(Kraft Tartar sauce) + fine chopped onion+ sweet yum yum pickles with a slice of cheddar cheese on two pieces of bread.
It might even be healthy. :001_smile


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
Potted meat
Deviled ham
Vienna sausages
Corned beef
It don’t matter to me.
Potted meat was mentioned 1st but I do believe it would be my last choice.


Aaron Scissorhands
No bueno on the Vienna Sausages anywhere or in my lifetime. Smoked oysters on the other hand might just be.....
As long as it isn't fish I am good once in a while. I like spam sliced fried till it is a little crispy on a sandwich with eggs and cheese. . I will dice spam put in boiling water with bullion cubes and minute rice or couscous for a camping meal
As kids we thought canned Corned Beef in the pyramid can from Argentina.

The kind with a slotted key soldered to the bottom. The problem was halfway around the can, the metal strip would break, and while trying to separate the halves, we would cut ourselves.

Not unusual to have red stained corned beef on a sandwich!

Ad Astra

The Instigator
The Mary Kitchen hash, fried just right - tasty.

Fried Spam, of course.

Vienna's but never potted meat. Tripe? Stomach lining? Lungs?



Self Ignored by Vista
Potted meat
Deviled ham
Vienna sausages
Corned beef
It don’t matter to me.
Potted meat was mentioned 1st but I do believe it would be my last choice.
^What he said. Vienna sausages and a can of pork and beans were a staple at deer camps when I was a kid. We'd keep the pork and beans can and put some water in it the next day and boil a couple of eggs in it over the campfire for breakfast the next morning.

I think SWMBO still has a couple of cans of Vienna sausages in the cabinet. I also have some smoked oysters I need to put some hot sauce on and eat. Spam is still in the cabinet.

Underwood Deviled Ham was what I asked for as a kid for lunch. Now...not so much.

Canned goods, of all kinds, are good to have around.
I fried up some canned corned beef hash the other day for breakfast. Spam is a family staple. My mother in law was born in Hawaii so. Deviled ham mixed with a little mayo on white bread once in a blue moon. All the sardines, kippered snacks and smoked oysters in a can. Yumm.

One Hawaiian dish my wife will make from time to time is. A can of corned beef, white onions half fried, pinch of sugar and a splash of soy sauce served on rice. the onion has to still have some crunch to it. Man is it good!
Fried Spam with diced tomatoes, onions, eggs, and cabbage on flour tortillas (add Cholula Sweet Habanero hot sauce for a sweet spicy kick) for great homemade breakfast tacos. When we were hunting out west in my early (read broke) Marine Corps days we lived off potted meat for a week at a time, good memories but not the best culinary experience. Sardines: make Texas Toast, spread fresh avacado, Louisiana Hot Sauce on the bread, then put the sardines on top and broil for just a few minutes...delicious.
My favorite is canned salmon for making salmon patties. Simple ingredients on cracker crums, egg, diced onion and season to taste.


Fussy Evil Genius
Ate a sh*t ton of it as a kid. Now, no thank you.
That about sums it up for me, too. Other than mackerel fillets, sardines, and smoked oysters, I don't really get into it all that much anymore. I never did care for Spam, so that's not even there in the first place. Canned tuna still goes into a recipe from time to time, but I don't just open up a can and sit down, and I can't remember the last time we whipped up some tuna salad or casserole around here that called for canned tuna.

I still have a special place in my heart for corned beef hash & sunny side up eggs over toast, so we keep a small can of corned beef hash in the pantry should I get a craving and want to fry some up, but those cravings don't happen nearly as much as they used to. (Replying to this post might be bringing one on.)

We always had a few cans of Underwood deviled ham in the pantry when I was growing up, and we even kept it around some right after we were married. I made many a lunch or snack of those, usually with crackers. I loved the stuff. I picked up a can several years (or more) ago to revisit the fond memories, and it turns out that the memories are much better than the stuff in the can. Don't get me wrong, now. It was hardly terrible, and I would be happy to have it if times were tough, if I were trying to avoid refrigeration or something like that, or if I had just spent a full day on the trail or out fishing, but the experience was not enough for me to keep any in the pantry, nor has time enough passed for me to give it another shot. I'm sure a few beers might change my opinion, as well.

Now, I recall "fresh" deviled ham happening all the time when I was a kid, too (deviled roast beef, too). Someone often brought it to a potluck, and it's often what happened to leftover ham (or roast beef, as the case may be). THAT was some really good stuff (even if it was made from canned ham, so not exactly "fresh," but I wasn't going to argue with Mom or the other ladies). It showed up at a party we went to a little while back, and THAT was a rather lovely time revisiting memories. I might have to make that happen around here.
I love Spam. I fry it up and mix it in with mac 'n cheese or with fried rice. I also buy those Starkist tuna or chicken in a pouch. I take them to work with bread and make sandwiches. I love the tuna salad and chicken salad.