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The poor student sandwich (well, 1 pan breakfast)


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I mentioned this recipe before but I thought I could share this one as I eat this multiple times a week.

I call it the poor student sandwich. I'm not on TikTok but I saw a video coming from TikTok showing how to make an egg sandwich using 1 pan only. In the original video (don't ask me which one it was, there are so many and I doubt that I can find it again), there's a variation using sliced bread where the person flips the bread 2-3 times. Eggs are inside-out the sandwich (must be messy). I saw another one with a tortilla. That one was better but I quickly abandoned the flipping part. The best result, for me, is using pita bread.

I can always try to take pictures if someone needs a visual but it should be fairly straightforward.

You need:
-6-7 inches Non-stick pan (I have a ceramic coated pan, it's fairly non-stick). The pan needs to be equal to or slightly bigger than the pita)
-1 lid to cover the pan (The right size pan and lid is the secret to this)
-1 spatula
-1 pair of scissors

For the sandwich (this is what I do but make it the way you enjoy your scrambled eggs or omelet):
-Eggs (1 large egg + 50 grams egg white or 100 grams egg white)
-40 grams mushrooms
-30 grams bok choy
-1 chili (hot)
-1 spring onion
-1 slice of cheese (I believe that is around 20 grams)
-3 slices of cold cuts (turkey or ham)
-1 pita bread that's 6" in diameter (so not the big enormous pita)

I start by cooking the mushrooms, bok choy, chili, and spring onion. I use scissors to cut the veggies. I mix it once or twice and put a lid on top. I believe that everything is almost cooked after 3-4 minutes. I then add all the ingredients except the cheese and pita bread. The last 2 layers are cheese and pita bread last. The cheese will stick to the eggs and bread (acting like duct tape).

Put the lid back on, and wait until the eggs are cooked. This should take another 2-3 minutes. The magic will steam the pita while cooking the eggs. When the eggs are cooked, go around the eggs with the spatula. I know it will be a no-brainer if I'm able to spin the sandwich in the pan.
I put my plate in the pan, holding the upside down plate, I flip the pan so the sandwich is now transferred to the plate. If you got a fairly good non-stick, it should fall off right away.

Sometimes, I add things like salsa, mustard, and salt. Fold in half and enjoy. I'm able to make this in less than 10 minutes. I only dirty a minimum of dishes.

Now, since you make it, you can vary how you make the eggs (more or fewer eggs), with or without mushrooms, etc.
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