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Favourite/Best brush to face lather with?

Ya see, I knew it would be hard to choose past a Rooney. The X2L Colonel is a good shout and one i have had my eye on for some time now.

Maybe time to pull the trigger.

For everyone who put omega, i have one i need to break in, but just looking at the loft makes me think face lathering could get messy!

Cheers to all though, your input is invaluable.
Currently my three favorite face lathering brushes are (in order):

1.) Simpson's Chubby CH1 Two-Band Super
2.) Simpson's Tulip T2 Two-Band Super
3.) 2008 B&B LE
Shavemac Custom D01 all the way, such a luxurious feeling on my face
But if you can't afford that, a Custom Shavemac Finest falls into the same price range as a Rooney 1/1 Super Silvertip. Plus you get to build your own brush, so to speak. Just email Bernd at Shavemac with the handle type and brush dimensions you want.

Shavemac's Finest (a type of silvertip) is much nicer than Rooney's Best Badger grade, imo.

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I guess I walked into the wrong thread. :001_huh:
Outside of Rooney, how about a Simpson X2L Colonel? Similar in size to a 3/1, and not a Rooney. :biggrin1:

How about the Simpson X2L Colonel 2 band?

About $230 less than the Simpson 2010 LE.

Actually I'm waiting for mine, can't see it being anything but very good.
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