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So that time when arko was hard to lather because the shaver started doing it wrong.

I have been wet shaving shaving since 2014. About 2-3 years ago I started using arko. About 8 months ago I started lathering the soap wrong and always got a watery or thin lather. I looked at lather videos and just couldn’t get the right lather, finally switched soaps. Tonight I started to think about my lather technique, and I realized I had at some point started doing some silly things that was producing my poor lather. I decided to look at an old lather post on the forum that used a dry brush… following this method I went into my bathroom and produced a good 8 inch soap lather in about 2 minutes that filled my entire bowl to well past over flowing…the arko lather finally lived up to its reputation, and while I feel stupid and silly for having fallen into bad technique, I also am amazed at the lather I got. This was strictly and experiment and when I got that 8 inch lather i was ashamed that my face wasn’t prepped to shave but, darn that soap lathers amazing.
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