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Explain "Efficiency" to me...

Lots of lengthy interpretations in here...

I think efficiency in shaving is just what it means elsewhere too: how effective a razor is given the effort that goes into the shave. I don't believe this has anything to do with aggressiveness (which I believe is simply blade-feel), although aggressive razors do tend to be efficient as well. I do think they are different qualities, however.

To me, an efficient razor would remove the most amount of whisker with the least effort -- independent of razor burn, blood letting, etc.
I believe you are correct.


I shaved a fortune
I’m sure I don’t know the exact definition of efficiency pertaining to shaving.
I only know how I use the term. If I get a shave that lasts for 12 hours, I refer to that razor as “efficient enough for me.” Two of my Top Razors only give me from 8 to 10 hours but I still love shaving with them.

I don’t shave every day and that is a factor if someone is trying to get comparisons for themselves. In addition, I do a WTG pass, two XTG passes (one in each direction) and an ATG pass, hopefully with minimum touch-ups for those 12 hour shaves.
WTH, I tossed the question to Bard (Google's AI):

When discussing shaving razors, it is important to distinguish between efficiency and effectiveness. Here's how they differ:

Efficiency: In the context of shaving razors, efficiency refers to how well a razor can shave the beard in as few passes as possible, with minimal resistance, drag, roughness, or aggression. An efficient razor is one that can effectively remove hair with ease and without requiring excessive effort or multiple strokes 1.

Effectiveness: On the other hand, effectiveness refers to how useful or valuable something is. In the context of shaving razors, effectiveness can refer to the ability of a razor to produce a better result, such as delivering a closer shave, achieving smoother skin, or reducing irritation. An effective razor is one that provides a satisfactory outcome or meets the desired shaving goals.

To summarize, efficiency focuses on the razor's ability to shave the beard with minimal resistance, while effectiveness considers the overall outcome and satisfaction of the shaving experience, including factors like closeness, smoothness, and skin irritation.
It is worth noting that the terms efficiency and effectiveness can have different meanings in other contexts, such as in the workplace or general management. However, when discussing shaving razors, the above definitions apply.
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