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To give you some background; I had been looking for a particular name brand (Brigg) umbrella which is both classy and sturdy. After doing several Google searches I came upon the following website.


In choosing a model I worked with Chris Moore of English Hall to get what I wanted. He answered all my questions and recommended the standard size (they come in a few different sizes based on your height). For those members that do not know about Brigg umbrellas, they are one of the finest if not THE finest made umbrellas on the market today. It is also one of the few things today that are NOT made in China! The umbrellas are made entirely by hand by crafted processionals in England. The history of Brigg is quite extraordinary for those interested in reading about them.


Now, getting back to Chris and why I enjoyed dealing with him. The umbrella I had wanted was not available at the time and he worked with me to find a suitable replacement and I really appreciated his efforts contacting me just about every other day and giving me updates and letting me know what was going on every step of the way. Well, needless to say I finally got my umbrella and I am very satisfied with it. Chris was also kind enough to send me samples of both the Crown and Floris line of men’s colognes.

I should also add that English Hall is a purveyor of Truefitt and Hill products but I have since discovered that unfortunately they cannot be sent to North America for whatever reason. Hopefully Chris can address this as I do not know why. Anyways, I told Chris about the group and he was very eager to sign up and will be doing so today. He plans on using the screen name is “Chriseng” and hopefully he will be contributing and offering his insights in the next day or so.


Dear Joe,

Thank you for your introduction to this board and your previous post is much appreicated. To explain our position regarding Truefitt & Hill shipments to North America, our company actually built and operate the website:


The North American rights to the brand were bought a few years ago by a US company, who operate the truefittandhill.com website. To ensure customers don't overlap we agreed not to ship Truefitt orders to North America and all other UK websites should follow a similar policy. Previously as much as 40% of our customers were US-based. However, the .com site does not ship outside North America, so we deal with all other global customers. It is therefore simply an issue of geographical rights (which I know the internet was meant to consign to history). All our other lines on EnglishHall.com are available to ship worldwide.

Should anyone have any questions regarding Truefitt & Hill, Floris, The Crown Perfumery or any of our other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. We believe personal customer service should be taken as read in the luxury goods sector, and that contact with customers is vital for us to remain responsive to their needs.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the introduction of a new member, as well as yet another expensive excuse for us to part with some of our money. :wink:


Welcome aboard! You have a very nice site with a wide array of fine products. I'd say the most tempting of them all are the chocolates. It's barely enough for me to settle for the occasional stray Cadbury Flake that makes its way to this side of the pond.

That's funny. Chris, I was poking around your affiliated toy shop just before Christmas.

Joe, you will love your new brolly: I carry a Brigg in whangee crook. One of these days, I'll get one of their beautiful lid-over briefcases. Chris, do they still make the red lined case carried by Sean Connery in From Russia With Love?

Dear Nick and Robert,

Thank you for your enquiries. The Charbonnel et Walker chocolates are delicious! We believe it's important to try our products where possible (an onerous task!) and I assure you a smoother, richer, more alcohol filled chocolate you will not find. I would describe them as either reassuringly expensive or a cheap way to a woman's heart!

Swaine Adeney Brigg do make replica's of the James Bond attaché case as seen in the films, and I include a link here for your convenience:


Unfortunately it does not come with heat-seeking missles or similar, but aspiring secret agents with overactive imaginations are sure to enjoy it anyway!

Kind regards,


That's fine: I don't need the throwing knife or the extra 9mm rounds on most days. However, if it comes with Daniela Bianchi, send one straight away! Always my favourite Bond girl, followed closely by Diana Rigg.

I'm afraid we can't offer any Bond girls quite yet.

Did you know that Bond wore No.89 EDT by Floris? Apparently Ian Fleming was a good friend of the then owner, and Floris and No.89 gets a good few mentions in the novels.

Of course we do sell it, though I don't dare claim it will attract women like La Rigg, or Hayle Berry for that matter. To my mind No.89, J.F. and Santal Extreme are the best Floris fragrances for (gentle)men.

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