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eBarbershop....are they still in business?

Used to purchase aftershave, cologne and shaving supplies from them. Their homepage is now blank, stating the governor of Florida won't allow orders. Something doesn't smell right about this outfit now.
I live in Florida, Desantis certainly isn't stopping any sort of commerce along those lines (only a recent change in bar on-premise sales). I do know that ebarbershop has seemed to be offering less and less over the last year or two, I feel like I remember someone mentioning them on the verge of closing but I may be wrong. I can walk into retail establishments of all kinds around Florida right now and buy any item they sell without restrictions so the proprietor of ebarbershop is either lying or severely misinformed.

I will say this, they are based in Palm Beach which is one of the hardest hit areas of our state and that area as a whole has some more strict guidelines set in place then most of the rest of the state but that's really in reference to bars, restaurants, capacity, and masks. They sell personal care items on a retail level, if you can shop Sally's or Walmart (for example) then there is no reason they 'have' to close.

The superior shave webstore is still open and he is based out of Jacksonville. He unfortunately closed his brick and mortar location pre-covid due to lack of foot traffic but his website and e-commerce is still alive and well. Further proof that this can't be blamed on our governor (and I didn't vote for him lol).

I ordered one time from ebarb (type o injector clone, AWESOME razor) and the fulfillment and shipping time were absurdly long and it was expensive. I ordered one razor, I live about 3-4 hour drive from his business address, it took about 3 weeks to ship out and another week to show up once shipped (really? A week to cross about 4 counties via USPS?) And he charged me like $13 to ship a box about as big as two decks of cards end to end that only weighed a few ounces.
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Further proof: the shave cave in St Petersburg (Tampa) is still open. They are primarily a barber shop but they have an extensive selection of merkur and Parker safety razors plus brushes, blades, etc. Not much software but still... They are open and running like normal.

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Further, further proof: merchant of man-crafts in St Augustine (near Jax) is still open, they are exclusively a retailer (not a barber shop) and they have a huge selection of merkur and proraso.