Dovo Prima Klang Extra Full Hollow?

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by Arkwell, May 11, 2011.

    The Prima Klang 5/8ths Dovo says it's Extra Full Hollow. How does that blade compare with the blade of a standard Dovo 5/8ths Full Hollow?
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    I'ts more hollow.:lol:

    From bottom to top, the Bismarck is a typical full hollow, the Bergischer Lowe is an even "fuller" hollow grind, and the Prima Klang is their most hollow grind.


    The BL is one of my sharpest razors. The PK never feels quite as sharp to the thumb, but it gives a terrific and very close shave.
  2. Bergischer Lowe is also one of the best looking razor for me :thumbup1:
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    It usually looks stunning in pictures, but when you hold it it has a subdued, understated elegance that's even more pleasing to my eye. For whatever reason, I can get that one almost too sharp.
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    Ah a trifecta of want to have razors. It's funny but as much as I really want those, I always end up spending on strops or coticules instead. Must depend on the the phases of the moon.
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    It's funny how that works out, isn't it. You'll want a strop or a stone or a brush. You'll save your pennies, place your order, and hit the send button. Then for some unknown reason this will show up in the mail, leaving you scratching your head. I could've sworn I ordered a coticule!
  6. Kentos

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    You, sir, are SRAD to the bone.:thumbup:

    Me, I'm still an amateur.
  7. Oh, if this was ordered by mistake, let me volunteer to correct it:biggrin1:

    Seriously NICE-looking razor! I don't own near enough TIs. One of these days...
  8. I was considering a Prima Klang but I wanted an honest opinion. Would there be a significant difference between the shaves of a properly honed basic 5/8ths 'Full Hollow' Dovo and the 'Extra Full Hollow' Prima Klang. (I'm getting great shaves from my Best Quality & I don't want to waste money if the Prima's are not that much better when both are honed properly)
  9. ouch

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    I don't think that there is much of difference in the shaves of the PK versus other full hollow Dovos.

    Almost any competent blade can be made to deliver a terrific shave.

  10. Dude thanks so much! I've been trying every way to find out if there is that much of a difference but when you talk to vendors they try to sell you. I know they have to sell but once in a while you want them to tell you 'Save your money' if your getting good shaves with what you have.
  11. I have those three razors also and the Bergischer Löwe is my favorite too.
    I haven't used my Prima Klang a whole lot though so maybe haven't mastered the technique with it yet and I think I am not used to it since its so light and small compared to all my 6/8ths blades.

    I think I'll use it tomorrow :D
  12. ouch

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    Don't get me wrong- I think extra hollow blades are great, and terrific for shaving ATG.

    There are plenty of great razors to choose from. Sadly, we simply can't have them all. Or can we?
  13. Want to save money? 3 little words - Dovo "Best Quality". 70-ish bucks gets you a fine, brand-new razor. My "go to" blades. If you get yours from The Superior Shave it will be delivered shave-ready.
  14. Arkwell,

    The Dovo Best shaves well above it's price point :smile:

    The Best (a 5/8 half-hollow) was my first razor after I re-took up straight shaving, and it is still in my rotation.

    I have the Prima Klang and the Berg Lowe, and while they shave superbly, for me, they shave no better than my Best :smile:

    Have fun !

    Best regards

  15. ouch

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    A great razor is all about a great edge. Assuming a compentently constructed razor has been delivered to you, you'll find that the shave it provides will depend more on the end user and his ability to sharpen it to his own satisfaction than on the make or model.
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    Love that Ram horn! Beautiful!!
  17. You guys were a great help. See I have three Full Hollow Factory Best Quality Dovos from Classic Shaving & Vintage Blades that I 'Shaptoned' to 30,000 which are amazingly sharp and I just couldn't imagine a thinner sharper blade. I like the 'no frills' approach to everyday shaving and I don't like to waste money so I returned the Prima to Classic. By the way Superior Shave is a great site. Thanks guys!
  18. Got 3 of em' and I love them! Thanks!
  19. I got the Prima Klang yesterday from SRD and shaved with it this morning. It is an extremely fine Razor and did a great job with my limited skill (3 months). It is more sensitive to angle and pressure, but followed my face with ease (which isn't always true). I think it's a good bargain for the sub $200 price.

    $New Dovo.jpg

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