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Good Day Gents,

I have a few items to sale from my shave Den. All items will be shipped CONUS USPS priority mail. All items purchased will be shipped the following business day with tracking information provided. Payment method PayPal G&S. I really stink at photography and know the picture quality is not the best on some of the items. If you are interested and would like more pictures or video of an item or items let me know. All straight razors with the exception of the Friedr 76 were sent to Max Sprecher when I first received them for a bevel set and hone. All items have been lightly used and well taken care of. All items will ship in original packaging.
  • $850 - Max Sprecher 10/8 abalone scales with abalone inlays with pearl on the spine. 1/4 hollow with nice file work on the tang.
  • $750 - Max Sprecher 8/8 Paper Micarta "Beachwood" 3 abalone inlays. 1/4 hollow with Barbers Notch
  • $325 - Koraat 14 2.0 - 15/16 Bellied Full Hollow. Light green scales with copper rivets
  • $350 - Boker 14er 8/8 full hollow. The original scales from Boker had some defect. I sent this to Max Sprecher and he made the custom scales that are on the razor. The pictures don't do this one justice at all.
  • $250 - Boker Saville Limited edition number 83 out of 99 made. 8/8 with hornbeam scales full hollow. Elaborate negative etching so that the highly polished front of the blade can only be seen in the area of the filigree logo. Comes with original Boker display box.
  • $225 - Boker Herr Feldmann limited edition number 62 out of 99 made. 6/8 with colored curly birch scales full hollow
  • $200 - Ralph Aust 6/8 American Point Wenge handle full hollow. Pretty unique with the file work on the spine and design burned in the wood.
  • $200 - Boker Mother of Pearl 6/8 full hollow with gold lining on the spine
  • $175 - Boker Elite Carbon 6/8 extra hollow with carbon scales.
  • $60 - Friedr Herder #76 original scales. 15/16 hollow ground. This razor does show some age with heavy spine ware and some stains on the blade. Otherwise excellent shaver.
  • $250 - Turn N Shave custom brush with 28mm M1 hand tied knot. Black with silver sparkley streaks.
  • $225 - Wolf Whiskers "1301" shape, Disco stripes with Shavemac 28mm 2 band silvertip knot purchased from Rudy Vey
  • $200 - Wolf Whiskers "Tmesis" shape with bottom fluting and Shavemac 26mm 2 band silvertip knot purchased from Rudy Vey. Rudy swapped the knots, the original in the handle was a synthetic.
  • $300 - Karve Christopher Bradley Stainless Steel. This comes with the stand and 5 plates total. The plates are B,C,D closed comb and A,B open comb. The razor is in mint condition.


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