Does Proraso Green have a flow reducer?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by blgentry, Feb 16, 2019.

    I just got a bottle of Proraso Green in the mail. But things are a little weird with it. First, it has leaked quite a lot into it's box, leaving the box soggy and the bottle less than full. The cap is kind of oval shaped at the bottom, but round everywhere else. It almost looks like the cap melted, but I'm pretty sure this is how it was designed to look.

    Finally, the bottle has no flow reducer. Just a giant opening in the bottle. I poured out about 5 times as much as I intended when testing it. Shouldn't it have a flow reducer? Or no?

    It also doesn't smell like I was expecting. No real eucalyptus smell. It smells more like laundry detergent. Overall, not such a good experience so far.

  1. Cap is round[​IMG]

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  2. Sounds bad .There should be a plastic flow reducer in the opening. The cap is round small on top compared to the bottom
    Sounds like you should contact the seller
  3. Here's what my bottle looks like:

  4. Solved easily enough:

    - hold bottle by the shorter sides - one side by the thumb, other side by the middle, ring, and pinky
    - extend index finger up to the opening and cover bottle hole with pad of finger, leaving a very tiny opening to the side of finger
    - carefully tilt bottle this way over your opposite hand and product should easily dribble out, same as if you had a flow restrictor.
  5. That looks like it's been tampered with. It should have a reducer and the cap does not look like that at all. Perhaps not legit? Was it purchased from a reliable vendor?
  6. pbrmhl

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    Proraso Green was the first aftershave I bought during my 62 years, about five years ago. I had no issue with a stopper, as I recall, but the eucalyptus reminded me of the Vicks Vapo-Rub my mother used to rub on my chest when I was a child. Ugh. After one use, I PIF'd it and tried again: Tabac, which is MUCH more my style.

    The point is, if you get no eucalyptus, I suspect your product is not authentic. Bummer.
  7. Yes, it should have a flow reducer. The cap should be round so the one you have pictured is warped or the wrong cap. You should be able to smell eucalyptus in the scent but it is not overpowering or overly strong.
  8. I got this bottle from one of the major web retailers who specialize in shave gear. I emailed them yesterday but don't expect to hear back until next week since it's the weekend.

    Thanks for all of the feedback guys.

  9. +2! It should definitely have a flow reducer!
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    I wouldn’t use it. Get a refund and buy new.
  11. In case anyone was wondering:

    The seller offered to ship me a new bottle of Green. I declined and asked for a bottle of Red instead. They agreed and I got it today. The bottle of red has no leaks, a round cap (not distorted and oval shaped at the bottom), and a flow reducer as expected.

    All in all, I'm happy with how it turned out.

  12. I’d say that’s a pretty darn good resolution to this. Bravo to them!
  13. Great happy ending
    But why go from green to red?
  14. Sounds suspicious. A happy ending, nevertheless.
  15. I didn't really like the smell of the Green. It's pleasant enough, but it's kind of like soap. I don't really get any eucalyptus from it at all. Because of that, I thought that getting a replacement bottle of Green wouldn't be very constructive, as I'm probably not going to use the Green very much. I thought I should try the Red instead, since it gets as much love as the Green from people here.

    The Red is pretty nice. I like it. The Green is growing on me, but I'll have to see how I like it long term.

  16. Hmmm hello mr kraft, do you wish to disclose something?
    I guess that makes sense. I like the green and recently got the red. Its nice for the winter with my added menthol
  17. Me too. I like the scent and the slight non-greasy residue (the shea butter?) after it dries.
    It is tied for first place with Reuzel as my all-time favourite aftershaves.
  18. I personally do not like flow reducers. I prefer to use my thumb to reduce the flow to the desired amount. Since Proraso changed their formula with the newer square shaped bottles, I have yet to purchase anymore since I purchased my only bottle of the new formula. I much preferred the original formula, but I suspect many shavers will prefer their new very slightly oily and milder scented formula.
  19. Proraso Green should not smell soapy. It sounds like the bad seal from that weird cap and missing reducer may have affected the scent. Since it is a reasonably priced aftershave I would recommend you try it again someday. It really is an excellent performing product and the scent is nice for the spring and summer months.

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