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C.O. Bigelow vs Proraso Green

I wonder if Proraso owns CO Bigelow? I ordered a set from Proraso and it came from Bigelow Trading and the address is the pharmacy.

@something better

Latest financial news I read about the Bed Bath & Beyond company is that it's going out of business and closing all stores.

Also, COB is American company founded in 1838 and not a brand of Proraso.

I also find the performance between red and green different. I think red is a bit more slick and oily. I get closer shaves with it. It is allegedly for thick beards, which I have. I also prefer the scent of green. I will have to get some C.O.B. to try. I knew about it, but thought it was the same as green. If it has the performance of red and the scent of green it could be my new favorite.
Thanks for your observations. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do a comparison like this of the two products. Everyone pretty much has just accepted that they were the same. I too started wet-shaving with a tube of Proraso green and a bottle of Green Aftershave. I think I bought a second tube but did not continue to use it after that tube was done. I can't say there was a reason that I stopped, because I like the scent and found the performance and ease of lathering to be great, and I have always kept the green aftershave in the rotation. I am going to watch this thread to see if anyone else has thoughts on Bigelow. I have never used it and have always thought that it was just Proraso green in a different tube.
Sir @Golden_Edge , your post above is extremely well written! Of course, since I live in Italy, I do not have any knowledge regarding C.O. Bigelow and cannot therefore provide any comment on it. But your reasoning is sound and the idea of describing C.O. Bigelow with Shea Butter and Eucalyptus Oil as Proraso Red with the scent of Proraso Green seems correct to me, too. By the way, the only true difference I notice between Proraso Red and Proraso Green is the fragrance, performance-wise Red and Green are almost identical.
However hard I tried I could find a difference in the performance of the 4 tubes. And I have used a lot of tubes.
Differences in thickness mentioned here are mostly because of age. One tube is 4-5 months old and the other is 20.
We owe many thanks to the original poster of this thread, because without his investigation, we would never know that the CO Bigelow product was different from the Proraso.

I am sad that Bath and Bodyworks has discontinued, carrying the Bigelow shaving products. Little by little all the good things they used to have are gone.
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