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Does anyone make a homage/recreation of Gillette Sun Up?

Hello folks,

I was just wondering.. is there any artisans out there making any recreation of Gillette Sun Up?

It seems there's plenty making aftershaves and soaps inspired by various historical scents.. but I don't know of any that are currently making any homage to the infamous Sun Up.

I'd read that Barrister and Mann did at one stage.. or at least one that smelled something like it, I think it may have been called "Reserve Classic" but it must be quite a few years back.. before I discovered their products. Then I heard something about Phoenix Artisan making one called "Sun Down" but it seems to be discontinued also as I checked their website and don't see it listed.

But from what I can see nobody currently does. I've actually never tried Sun Up.. its one of those that I'd always heard about but just never experienced. I don't really want to go vintage hunting for it, I used to hunt vintages in my fragrance collecting days and it can be somewhat of a gamble.. risky due to bottles badly stored over the years, maybe exposed to heat or sunlight. I got stung a few times with very expensive bottles of rare vintage scents which turned out to be spoiled so I just lost heart in it.

Was just wondering if anyone does make a recreation? Or any good companies that make their own takes on historic discontinued aftershaves in general?

Many thanks,
I don't know why B&M stopped making the soap and splash. They still sell the fragrance in bar soap format. I guess they didn't sell enough to warrant making it. You could email them and ask to resurrect- maybe enough people will light the fire under Will. I'm not sure you can buy any homage. I thought PAA even stopped making sun down. I would only trust the B&M formulation, anyway. The vintage stuff always seems to pop on eBay though the pricing plus shipping is just too outrageous for alcohol and water that just smells OK.
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