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Discoloration on Super Iridium blades: Anyone know what causes it?

The strangest thing happened today while having my first-ever shave with a Super Iridium blade. I loaded it into my Slim Adjustable and saw with my own eyes that it was a new, perfect, shiny blade. After my shave, I opened the razor to dry the blade and saw what I can only call "brassy" splotches on the surface of the blade.

Was it perhaps a reaction to one of my shaving products? I used a pre-shave oil and C&E Nomad soap. Nothing out of the ordinary. I haven't checked again to see if the spots disappeared, but I'm kind of concerned. Otherwise, it's a great blade and it gave me an incredibly smooth shave.

Thanks in advance.
the one time i tried presahve oil, i almost lost a toe :thumbdown

looking back, (I opened my blade bank :scared:) it's happened on astra plats, zorriks, shark chromes, lord super stainless, and iridiums

must be something to do with the coatings?
Happens on Astras after ONE shave for me. Frequently happens with Sharks too, sometimes on the blade edge itself.
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