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Declaration Grooming Icarus revisited

I posted a few comments on a thread about the new Declaration Grooming Icarus base. My feelings at the time were that the new Icarus base is very good, but not as good as the original bison tallow base. After more uses with both the Icarus and bison bases, I feel differently.

I have been able to dial in Icarus a little better and I now believe it to be even better that the original bison base.

I shaved with it again on Sunday. Absolutely the slickest soap in my collection. It lathers up very easily. The only challenging thing (if you could call it that) was adding enough water, it takes a lot. The lather is very thick and protective; I could barely feel the blade cutting.

I have really been working myself to understand the differences in post-shave performance of different soaps, it’s a struggle for me. But I’ve made some progress and this soap leaves a very nice feel on the face after the shave. This soap contains goats milk which is supposed to add to the post shave feel, which I believe it does. Incidentally, which is better for post-shave performance, goats milk or donkeys milk? I’d definitely put this soaps post shave performance with he likes of Wholly Kaw, Saponificio Varesino, and Nuavia.

If you like the original base from Declaration Grooming, consider giving Icarus a try. It may take a few shaves to get dialed in, obviously, but you will be rewarded with a fantastic shave!
+1 on your Icarus thoughts. I became a bit of a DG "homer" with about 6-7 of their soaps (and matching CL aftershave products). Really liked 'em all and THEN Icarus arrived in its Vide Poche iteration and I think I'm in love. Not about to toss out the old ones but the Icarus performance and post-shave feel were, for me, extraordinary. And my wife loves the Vide Poche scent, so I can't go wrong :)
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