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Damn Good Soap Company Shaving Soap. Damn, more than good

I bought this soap from a craftsman sited in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Black soap, good citrus and sandalwood scents, and a a beautiful can with well fit labels.
- 2 and 1/2 inches are tiny for brushes. I have used two badger brushes, and very unpleasant to lather.
- Soap is not hard enough to leave the can. I try to bring it out to lather in my face or hand. No way, cause is soft and if using a knife or a spoon it yields and brokes.
- Worst lathering soap I have ever used. Period.
I will add pictures. Hope yours comments.
These are from the first attempt, just in the bowl. I have some others, from another try, but in the phone.
Two minutes after paint my face, foam dissappeared, without touch it. I went to the kitchen, then back to the bathroom and magical vanishing...
I don't get it. You say 'damn, more than good' as if you liked it. But your post is entirely criticisms. Perhaps you intended more damned than good?
Craftsman told me he will do a lathering proof cause is very strange. Beware the formula dude, beware the damn bad fórmula! Hope to avoid you all waste the money with this 'hand soap'.
I tend to stay away from "shaving" soaps that have olive oil in the first half of the ingredient list. I have used some very good soaps that have olive oil in them, but those usually have olive oil as a very small component of the saponfied fats.
I don't know how olive oil reacts in shaving soaps because (I don't think) I have any. But I distinctly remember bath soaps with that component and they didn't lather well at all.
I took the can for a Lush shampoo bar, which has a narrow can, so I was unable to draw out of it. Now is Ok. A little bit expensive. The soap is a waste, too soft for hands or face, has a lit of crumbs when rub it, so I found no alternative use for the black puck. Such a pity.
Before garbage it, made a last attempt to save it, as shower soap, shampoo or toilette soap. Unable to use it.
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