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Cufflinks of the day

A0BEE1A5-A781-477A-BA5E-AAAF32CAD36E.jpeg Motivated by an other Cufflinks thread please allow me to introduce a “Cufflinks of the day” thread. There are so many beautiful and interesting Cufflinks out there. I am curious to see what you are wearing day by day.
Today I am with small dragons. I bought them for CHF 2.- in an antique shop. I have no idea about the origin or time period. But I like them.
663CFF2B-F025-4B20-B7BC-3D5051197B72.jpeg Both lightweight. The cufflinks as well as this razor. Bought also this cufflinks used for CHF 2.- seems to be an African symbol of wealth and authority.
Save for a tuxedo shirt, which came with a pair or black onyx cufflinks, I have never owned a shirt with French cuffs.
Cufflinks are often great little objets d'art, but I have little occasion to wear the kind of shirt that calls for them.
A0776ED8-358B-4697-91EA-D17ADDC54F05.jpeg What a pity that Victorinox is not producing straight razors. I would love to have one in red scales and one in traditional aluminium scales.
Please don’t let me alone in this thread. Show your cufflinks. The new ones as well as the vintage ones from your grandfather. The one for several 100 or even 1000 of USD as well as the ones for 1 or 2 coins.
Oh yes, wine tastes better well dressed. ones Tim.
Today is the first day with our new financial director. So I will welcome him. So far only the Ti/Au cufflinks will join me to the office. ;-)
00DCADD8-657B-4337-8012-19C73E1E7923.jpeg My first cufflinks and my first straight razor. Both low cost but a great starting point. Both with me today

Rusty Blade

Wonderful idea for a thread! Today I am flying to Paris in my Lear Jet to have tea with my wife. I thought I would dress up a bit.