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Cufflinks of the day

I love the sun-cufflinks. Beautiful!
Great Rusty Blade! You picked up the cufflinks & razor idea! Thanks
C37CE6ED-05BD-487C-A866-F6F9D9BBCF95.jpeg Well my yesterday plan didn’t work out. I changed to an other set in the last minute. This Russian set is lighter in weight
Anybody else find it difficult to buy shirts with french cuffs nowadays? I ordered one from Spier & Mackay a while back that is quite nice, but I never see them in stores (nicer to try before you buy)
A4CA362B-6B93-4935-944A-45DD913480AA.jpeg Indeed it is not that easy to find shirts with french cuffs. But I travel quite a lot and sometimes I find something or even better my wife bring the right shirt home.
Pretty much all my shirts come from Charles Tyrwhitt online and I’ve never been disappointed with their French cuffs, which is probably close to 75% of my purchases from them. I should make it a point to visit their storefront in DC considering how close it is.
7E8C835B-77CB-4AE7-AA47-DEA3D46E8E48.jpeg Scary Knight: the cufflinks above are super beautiful.

Not blue bot yellow for me today, tsellati.