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Cufflinks of the day

I love the sun-cufflinks. Beautiful!
Great Rusty Blade! You picked up the cufflinks & razor idea! Thanks
C37CE6ED-05BD-487C-A866-F6F9D9BBCF95.jpeg Well my yesterday plan didn’t work out. I changed to an other set in the last minute. This Russian set is lighter in weight
Anybody else find it difficult to buy shirts with french cuffs nowadays? I ordered one from Spier & Mackay a while back that is quite nice, but I never see them in stores (nicer to try before you buy)
A4CA362B-6B93-4935-944A-45DD913480AA.jpeg Indeed it is not that easy to find shirts with french cuffs. But I travel quite a lot and sometimes I find something or even better my wife bring the right shirt home.


I'm calling the U.N.
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I don't have a problem finding good shirts but I do my shopping online.
Pretty much all my shirts come from Charles Tyrwhitt online and I’ve never been disappointed with their French cuffs, which is probably close to 75% of my purchases from them. I should make it a point to visit their storefront in DC considering how close it is.
7E8C835B-77CB-4AE7-AA47-DEA3D46E8E48.jpeg Scary Knight: the cufflinks above are super beautiful.

Not blue bot yellow for me today, tsellati.