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Cube 2.0 as shaving soap

So how many of you use Cube pre-shave as shaving soap? Cube from PAA is a glycerin soap in a shape of a cube. For $10 per 8oz is one of the cheapest glycerin soap out there. I have many actual glycerin soaps from top soap makers and Cube 2.0 performs actually better. I take the 8oz Unscented cube, slice it in the smaller cubes and microwave it for 30 seconds to melt it in my shave bowls ($1 Walmart bowl) to take the shape of it. Never falls out as it is bonded to the plastic bowl. Lasts a long time. I use it for head shaves so I don't waste my expensive scented soaps that go on the face. The lather is thick, silky, slippery (yogurt like) and wont break down sitting on my head for 10 minutes. Amazing shave soap.


I shaved a fortune
I melted a Cube 2.0 in one of my Captain’s Choice Soap Lockers, but on the stove top as I wasn’t sure the glaze was microwave safe.

I’ve only used it as a pre-shave and face lather it on the thinner side. I’ll try lathering it up a bit thicker and try it out.
I've been using the Cube 2.0 Menthol (black color) one from PAA for about a year now. I use it every shave and quite a few times I used it as the primary shave soap. It works well. I even used it with some huge gapped razors as my only soap and it provided plenty of slickness and enough protection to avoid razor burn. Charcoal Goods level 3, Blackland Brassbird OC and SB, Wolfman WR1 Dual OC head (1.10/1.05), Wolfman WR2 (2.00 OC / 1.85 SB), Timeless Slim and .95, Yates EH OC etc.
Douglas told me back in the day, that The Darn Cube 2.0 has the DNA of the CK-6 formula.

That's why I was almost sure that I could find this post somewhere here in BB.
Glad I saw this. I recently have been using the Tube 2.0. I am trying to simplify the process by using products Like Cremo, Jack Black beard lube, Cella Rapid Shave etc. I must be a natural slob because I make one heck of a mess with the hole brush, soap process. Had really good results so far. I will have to try the Cube on its own without other products on top. The suggestion about the Shampoo puck is intriguing as I use those on my hair and like them. Any other suggestions about simplifying away from the flying foam or products you guys have used?
Thanks for your time!!
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