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CONTEST - (The Captain has a favor to ask)


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Bonus: if I'd kept that PIF, my lovely bride wouldn't be making, MAKING I said, donuts and bacon for breakfast!

Of course, with my cholesterol levels MAYBE she's hoping to counteract my Crestor?!?
My term life insurance policy is about up, so if I disappear from the interwebs guys, PLEASE investigate!
Well guys, in these uncertain times I have news about something that has spread and it is a good thing for once. @Davidkimberly has contacted me and is ALSO passing on his gift card to another B&B member. Random.org has selected Davidkimberly in a prior contest and so he wanted to spread it around. That captures perfectly the vibe of B&B that makes this such a great community.

A tip of the hat to a fine gentleman, Davidkimberly. Well done all 'round!
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George Bailey Fanboy
I want to express my gratitude to Scott @Captain Pre-Capsize and @FarmerTan for all they have done. Today I received a package from Scott with items I chose being one of the gift card winners.
Scott is a true gentleman, definitely I will buy his products soon. And thank you for thw samples, I am sure I will enjoy all items immensely. View attachment 1083589
What have I done!?! Lol, Cappy Scott is one AWESOME dude. Enjoy. I have not smelled anything he puts out that doesn't just knock your socks off!


George Bailey Fanboy
Hi to you all,

I was lucky to by a winner and would like to take the time to say thank you.

Thank you Scott for the superb brush. I love the size and feel of it. Again a great product of the Captain's choice.

I only have good word for you're great business.

JF Galipeault
That is wonderful, and you OBVIOUSLY know how to whip up a fine lather my friend. Congrats!