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CONTEST - (The Captain has a favor to ask)


Quick background. We have a new social media company who is doing our Facebook and Instagram work for us. I say we have a "new" company doing this because there used to not BE one. :biggrin1: If you haven't already, follow us on those platforms for the latest news because that is where it is at. Links are at the bottom of this page: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all

This company is also setting us up on YouTube which is where the contest comes in. The social media company is working on getting a new YouTube channel name for us. Presently we have 17 subscribers. In order to get this new name we need at least 100 subscribers. This is where I need your help - to get us up to 100 subscribers. This new channel name will give us a higher profile and every bit makes a difference in what has been a challenging time to be in business the past two weeks.

We actually have some eye opening videos that have just been uploaded to YouTube in the past few days. See our ceramic lather bowls being made, see The Captain being interviewed, see products being processed, see the copper bowls being formed by blow torch and hammer, see our popular shaving soap being blended and filled into containers, and more. Seriously, there is something for everyone.

I will be candid and say we are not going to get to 100 subscribers just from the guys entering our contest so if you can ask others to subscribe that would be much appreciated. This can be your spouse, friends, neighbors, hound dog, relatives or other guys here on B&B that may not know about this contest.

In return there is THE CONTEST. Here is how you enter:

1. Subscribe to our channel right here: Captain's Choice - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGrM3XulZ51IzDpR6pvuQA

2. Reply in this thread that you have done so. A simple, "I subscribed" or whatever is fine.

Three winners will be chosen by random.org and each winner will have $50.00 to shop in our store. Yep, we are giving away $150.00 worth of product - aftershaves, soaps, balms, creams, ORIGINAL lather bowls, COPPER lather bowls and more! This is CONUS only please due to shipping expense. But wait, can't someone enter the contest without subscribing? Yep, they could but I trust you. B&B is a great place with dedicated Moderators and a friendly vibe, we are good.

Good luck to each of you and tell your friends to subscribe too - thank you!
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Nice man, I’m glad you did this. It’s important in this day and age. I used to tag you on Instagram but it never came up right. I’ll go subscribe right now, I want a lather bowl!!

I subscribed! I’m #22!
I subscribed, but not in, as I was blessed by your last contest. My wife loving your Lime shave soap. If you ever consider a woman's line of shave soaps, I think she will be a customer.

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