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    I am always amused at the comments I receive from friends or strangers on my handlebar mustache. They come from all ages and genders of people. I thought it might be fun to hear some of the comments you have received on your mustache. The most recent comment that made me smile was from a young man who was cashier at our local grocery store who said to me, "Sir, that is the most amazing gentlemanly mustache I have ever seen!"
  1. troy

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    I get more beard than mustache comments. Usually more in the winter when I really let it grow out. Around Christmas it usually something about a young Kris Kringle, but with each passing year I get more you're getting a lot of white around the edges.
    It's funny how many times I get comments from guys who grow a nice beard, but cut it short saying I wish my beard grew in as thick and full as yours. I tell them then stop trimming it so often. I think a lot of guys give up a a big beard or mustache before the even give it a real chance. As soon as they hit a few awkward days in a row they start trimming away.
  2. Best comment I have gotten was right after we had a monthly meeting. Some of us were in the hallway with some "after meeting" banter. One guy had been giving me a hard time about my handlebar a few minutes before. Two secretaries walked past and both of them stopped, looked at us all, commented on my stache and kept on walking.
  3. "It's not going to happen dude! Shave that ugly thing!"
    I once tried to grow a mustache/chin-beard combo and my wife refers to it as the year I ruined Christmas!
  4. the time that changed my wife's opinion about me growing the handlebar happened when we were on a cruise and walking around the deck one evening after dinner, and group of younger people all dressed to the nines passed us and said "kick *** stache dude" my wife was so surprised that people were not making fun of me that after that should would brag to friends about what happened and never gave me a hard time about it again.... and that was before i was really serious about growing it. she did not realize that this happens all of the time.
  5. eightysixCJ

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    Same here! My stache suddenly became an asset when my better half heard such complements. :biggrin1:

  6. Mtn Man

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    We were going to a football game last week and this dude stops me and the family, says excuse me but I must say nice mustache! Kinda strange but wife got a good laugh.
  7. I've had the thin mustache for seven years and I still get either "Gomez Addams" or "that guy from American Horror Story: Hotel [Evan Peters playing James Patrick March]." When they stop me, I can usually guess which one they're going to say. Apparently, no one knows who Clark Gable is anymore.
    front lawn.jpg front porch.jpg
  8. I dig it. Very Golden Age Hollywood. Try not to let the uncultured rubes get you down!
  9. I've gotten most of the common ones:

    Kick A**
  10. I think it's cool to receive compliments on facial hair because typically people only voice their opinion when they dislike something about someone. For example, several years ago I decided to grow out my beard beyond the corporate beard I had sported for a while. I don't remember receiving one positive comment, but no one was shy in telling me how much they didn't like it. I got so tired of it, my response became, "thank you for your unsolicited comment.". I'll admit, I'd prefer to receive positive feedback from women about my beard, however it's cool IMO to also receive a compliment from a guy as well. Normally when I receive a compliment from a guy, it's more or less that they are envious of my amount of growth vs. their facial hair or the fact that their wife/girlfriend won't let them grow one. Truly sad. I have no problem complimenting a guy with a great beard just like I would compliment a guy who has a cool car. To me, it's the same thing. Positive feedback is always a great thing.
  11. I recently walked through a public park and I overheard two young women comment as I walked by, "Holy cr-p, look at that cool mustache!"
  12. Nice! Must have made your day!!
  13. I never tried, but I think I'm too skinny to sport a handlebar. May go back to the close cropped mustache goatee combo come winter. It's so white now, though, lol.
  14. Why wait for winter? I keep my full beard year round. Can't imagine shaving it off.
  15. troy

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    I was sitting down at a buffet today when an older black gentleman came up to me and said " That's a masterpiece in action." It was noisy and I wasn't sure what I heard so I asked him to repeat himself and he said " The beard, its a true masterpiece in action." I chuckled, thanked him, and said his goatee looked pretty sharp too. He had a pencil thin mustache and goatee, looked like very nice clean lines and suited his face well.
  16. Most of the compliments that I get are either from pre-teens on the street, or checkout cashiers.
    They're about equal from both genders.
  17. The only comment I have received was the one time I shaved it off.

    "Good god man, grow that thing back"

  18. Lol'd that one.
  19. Or Errol Flynn (or Douglas Fairbanks Jr...or Ronald Colman).
    In the 1940s, the pencil mustache was also male fashion in Cuba.

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