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Church Attire for Sunday Morning Service.

What is your most common dress attire for Sunday Morning Church Service?

  • Suit and Tie

  • Dress Shirt, Tie, Dress Pants

  • Dress Shirt, Dress Pants

  • Dress Shirt, Khakis

  • Knit Shirt, Khakis

  • Knit Shirt, Blue Jeans

  • T-shirt, Blue Jeans

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It's been a suit and tie for me since I was twelve. Switched to casual pants and a dress shirt/tie when I was assigned to teach six-year-olds in sunday school (and for what it's worth, I'm LDS).
I grew up going to school on Saturday afternoons. This meant the dress code was different. Jeans and a polo shirt were good enough. Sunday masses need to be at least buisiness casual (khakis and a nice shirt). Nothing pissed me off more than seeing parents let their kids were gym shorts and a t-shirt with some stupid design on it.


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I'm usually in a dress shirt and dress pants and I'm also overdressed when looking at the rest of the church. Pretty casual here in SoCal.
I very rarely go t church but regularly go to the symphony, opera and ballet. Not quite the same I know but when I was a teenager (a while ago), a suit and tie or at least a decent blazer and pressed trousers were expected. If you showed up open neck shirt and chinos probably some dark stares. This has all changed, jeans, sweatshirts, hoodies are quite common even in the high end seats. The important thing is to participate not how you dress. I think for church, and a lesser not going out on the town, dressing up a bit is part of the ritual for many people. Bottom line, whatever is comfortable!
Here in Cowboy Country about the only tie you'll see is on a visiting pastor once in a while.

Clothes don't mean squat in Gods plan.

But they were pretty important to the Sanhedrin.

Depends on how uptight one is about their own status.:ohmy:
This how I feel. For years I wore a suit to church. Now that I'm in a smaller church I wear jeans most of the time. I have been called on to go help member with car trouble, change flat tires, and unclog toilets. I decided that the attire was unimportant. I come ready to serve (no matter what capacity that may be). I always simply glad to see folks come to church. Where what you want, but don't knock someone else because their choice might be different than yours (I see that way too often around here).


Funny to see this thread come back. My wife and I had a discussion about this recently.

My wife and I belong to a rather large church. The service we usually attend has more than 1,200 attend. My wife greets at the outside doors and I am an usher inside. Most of the attendees, as well as the pastors, dress on the causal side: jeans, etc. In the warmer weather many wear shorts. I had a conversation with one of the pastors and he said he dressed casually to make the atmosphere more inviting. However, my wife and I are always well dressed. She always wears a dress and I wear a sports shirt, dress slacks, and if it is not too hot a sports jacket. Last Sunday a lady mentioned to my wife that she always looks so nice. On the ride home, we talked about how times have changed. When we were younger people dressed nicely when they were on an airplane, dined out, or when they went to church and now everything is casual. But it's not on the outside that matters but what is in your heart that counts.
I am sort of "old fashioned" and just feel, for me, you "bring your best" so to speak. I do not own a tux, and likely would not wear one to church if I did. But I do dress up more than a normal day. I do not have occasion to dress often so it is nice to do so for church, I suppose. Feels good to clean up haha. At our church there are all types of dress and all types of people. As far as what others wear, as long as it is not inappropriate, generally speaking, wear what you feel necessary and just come be a part.
Interesting thread resurrection. I don't really care much what people wear to church, as long as they're coming to church. I was a high-level volunteer at a large church for about 7 years, including serving on a few different leadership teams. My wife was also on staff there. As Jim mentioned, the trend is to keep it a bit more casual these days. For whatever reason, it seems to make things feel more comfortable for everyone, particularly those who aren't lifelong church attendees. I generally wear nice shorts and something short-sleeved with a collar, but that's my usual attire anyway.
The Bible actually has quite a bit to say about clothing. Here is a sampling that you might find helpful:

Men should not dress like women and vice versa - Deuteronomy 22:5

Women should dress modestly and respectably, with self control and with what is proper - 1 Timothy 2:9-10

Don't be anxious about your clothing, but seek godly righteousness - Matthew 6:31-33

It is best to adorn yourselves in eternal things rather than temporal things - 1 Peter 3:1-5

Do not dress like a prostitute. - Proverbs 7:10

God is more concerned about your heart than your outward appearance - 1 Samuel 16:7

Fine clothing (bright and pure) is associated with the righteous deeds of the saints - Revelation 19:8

Clothing should cover the shame of your nakedness - Revelation 3:18

It is not good to dress in such a way as to cause someone to sin (i.e. to lust) - Romans 14:21

How you choose to dress should reflect your attempt to glorify God - 1 Corinthians 10:31

You should not covet another's clothing - Acts 20:33

You should wear clothing that is proper to the occasion - Matthew 22:11-14
I very rarely go to church but regularly go to the symphony, opera and ballet. Not quite the same I know ...
Same here. I generally tend to dress similar to this for most occasions - work, concerts etc., except the pants would be very dark blue, dark grey (charcoal) or black. Slim tie, always. :) That's it.


If it's really hot, I'd lose the sport jacket and wear a more colorful shirt:

Dark pants and black leather shoes would take care of that. It’s the idea that counts... matching colors on Google search is hard, lol. Also, I would not button that jacket, but maybe that’s just me.

How about this, but add a slim tie to that? ;) Basically, youthful “smart casual,” but match colors to your style.
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I spent 40 years as a Lutheran (Missouri Synod) pastor. Naturally, I wore a black shirt, white collar and black slacks on Sunday morning. I wore a robe over that during the service. Now I am retired. Retired pastors can be a pain when they do not remember they are not the pastor. I make certain I dress down a bit so I am less likely to be considered another pastor to whom people might come for a second opinion.
I don't know; it's a photo from some fashion magazine so I assume they could have done it, but didn't want to. :)


I'm calling the U.N.
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Could he not find an adult sized jacket?
I don't know; it's a photo from some fashion magazine so I assume they could have done it, but didn't want to. :)
The over-shrunk suit jacket is all the rage now with the fashion types. Style ... good old timeless style ... calls for something different.

I just wish online retailers would state plainly which way they were following rather than hide the fact behind ambiguous euphemisms.