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Cheap travel shaving brush

Hi and a belated new year:

I've been told by my employer that I will be working away from home and travelling around the UK for the next few months, therefore I've decided to make myself a travel kit using the following:

Merkur bakelite razor :w00t:

Wilkinson sword and personna blades (1 pack of each) :thumbup1:

Col conk shave soap in the travel container and the small tube of kmf lime (just in case I fancy a superlather.) (any suggestions for alternatives would be appreciated) it may be the case that I won't be able to get home for weeks at a time and therefore need to be able to find something that I can go to a local chemists and buy... I have considered palmolive shave sticks and wilkinson sword shave sticks but usually prefer other types of soaps/creams

Gillette series as gel conditioning or the as balm.

However, I would like a suggestion in terms of shaving brush, any ideas for a reasonably priced shaving brush and any other suggestions would be really appreciated.
Hello, I travel a lot and what brush I take depends on where I am, if your going to be in hotels where your brush will dry then there's no reason not to take your normal brush (what usually do) or the superb Grovenor 404 badger/boar brush (under a tenner) is a great option.

If I'm away where the brush won't have time to dry properly before going back in its tube, then I use a synthetic brush I use a restore, but body shop do one for about a fiver.
The Wilkinson Sword brush isn't bad, but it's worth spending a little more and buying a cheap Omega. Great brushes for a small price.
I don't want to take anything that if damaged or lost is going to be even remotely costly to replace. If I am flying carry on (or not flying) then my omega 81052. Checking bags, then I have a cheap omega syntex brush. Cost me 8 bucks shipped, dries real fast, and can take more of a beating. While not being the greatest of brushes it does make good lather and a reasonable amount of it. It does take a little experimenting to get it down. I also use it if I am going to be hopping around since it dries so fast.
For $28 L'Occitane Travel Brush :

Whips shaving cream or shaving soap into a copious lather. Synthetic bristles lift beard off of skin, to allow for the closest shave. Aluminum handle.

For $28 L'Occitane Travel Brush :


I am not a fan of this brush. The knot is horrifically stiff and I found it unpleasant to use. I would pick up a decent boar like the Semogue 1305 that is a tremendous performer, but is so reasonably priced, I would not lose much sleep if something bad happened to it.
The body shop brush because it dries fast, is cheap, and is easily replaced if lost would be my first choice. I have learned that things often get lost travelling, and only use items that are easily replaced if lost.

The wilkinson is even cheaper and easier to replace. It also is well made for the price. It would be my second choice.
Small Omega Boars:

10275, 13522, 20086 (the aforementioned Bambino), 21047 (I have this one and despite its small size use it in my daily rotation as well as when I travel), 50068, 50014 (Omega's "Turnback" brush, i.e. the handle is its travel case), 11648. All available for prices from $9 - $20.
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